Supernatural Martial Arts…not here!

Sensei Post in News

The Martial Arts Association in Putrajaya, Bernama (a moderate Muslim state) was told it was not allowed to teach matters pertaining to the supernatural. Wow! Makes you realize how many freedoms you have living in America. Think of how ‘watered’ down American martial arts would be if we couldn’t use a good old fashioned hex or potion before sparring! And forget learning those supernatural abilities seen in the sir! No 3 story wall walking, unflinching hits to the groin, and who an live without learning to catch a bullet (fired from a gun of course:). What amuses me about this story as in any story about such nonsense is the total lack of a definition of ‘the supernatural’. Couldn’t the simple breathing techniques of the martial arts be viewed as supernatural training given the goal of inner cleansing, higher awareness and clarity of mind! Alas, no oygy board sparring predictions to insure a win at the next competition guess we’ll just have to learn to win by practice and hard work. What an idea! May thought police everywhere fall prey to their own works.

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