Taiwanese Grandmaster Wen Hsueh Hung Visits New Jersey, USA

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As part of an new exchange program Americans in North Hanover, NJ, USA got the opportunity to be the first people in America to see Taiwanese Grandmaster Wen Hsueh Hung and his students display their Martial Arts skills. The 80-year-old Grandmaster Hung spoke of the health benefits of the Martial Arts, something that is common knowledge in his culture. His hope is to help Americans make the Martial Arts part of their culture thereby improving their health. At the end of the demonstration six American students unsuccessfully attempted to move the 80 year old Grandmaster who stood on one foot! Certainly evidence of the health benefits of his life in the Martial Arts. Grandmaster Hung captivated the crowd with his personality, humor, youthfulness and most of all his skills.

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