ALERT: They want your whole life

Sensei Post in Identity Theft

What did you say your name was? Really? It’s just that there is someone about to board a flight at Heathrow with exactly the same name on their passport. They also have a driving licence with your details on it. And a couple of credit cards, a phone contract, a sports car bought on the never-never, dozens of store accounts and a whopping great loan, all taken out in your name. Not just the same name (this is no coincidence) but your actual full name, with your date and place of birth.
You didn’t know? Well, how could you? No money has gone missing from your accounts, but your personal details and reputation have been used to run up a series of debts totalling more than £100,000. Your credit rating is in tatters, so don’t bother asking for a loan ever again. Meanwhile, the fake you is flying off to the sun, to vanish. Oh, was that a knock on the door? More like a hammering, actually. Must be the bailiffs….
This is a well written article that should give everyone pause to think. With 120,000 people in England alone having their Identity stolen last year don’t you think you should be a little concerned? Do you know someone who has suffered from Identity Theft? Post your experiences or thoughts about the topic here!

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