Bad news… Rhode Island, USA 0 … Russian Hackers 53,000

Sensei Post in Identity Theft

Hackers steal credit card info from Rhode Island Website. Russian hackers broke into a Rhode Island government Website and allegedly stole credit card data from individuals who have done business online with state agencies. The Providence Journal reports that the hackers boasted two weeks ago on a Russianlanguage Website that they broke into the government Website and stole credit card information for as many as 53,000 transactions. State officials said the Website was breached Wednesday, December 28, 2005. The site is managed by New England Interactive, which that manages 17 other state portals. Renee Loring, a spokesperson for the Website, confirmed that a server database was breached and encrypted credit card information was obtained. The company is working with law enforcement officials to resolve the matter. Internal and external security audits were conducted with a thirdparty provider since the incident. The Russian Website displayed images of how the hackers were breaking into the state portal. According to the newspaper, the final image shows “a list of 38 credit card accounts the hackers claim to have stolen…Part of the screen is blocked by a black rectangle emblazoned ‘CENSORED’ in white letters in English. The rectangle covers part of the credit card number, but some digits are not hidden.”
For more information go to: RI Website or Source

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