No Limits for Leremy!

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Leremy KirkChillicothe,OH, USA.

The Chillicothe Martial Arts Academy has a truely amazing student. 12-year-old Leremy Kirk is becoming an adept Karate kid despite the fact that he is less than five feet and lacks use of his legs. Leremy and his instructor, Sensei Bryan Speakman, have collaborated for the last 18 months on formulating Shotokan Karate movements done from a wheelchair or on a mat. Leremy is currently ranked a green belt and he earned it the hard way, with a lot of practice! He faces the same requirements as all the other students, no free ride which is the way Leremy likes it. Karate isn’t Leremy’s only athletic interest, he also plays golf and wrestles, but not for the school. Unfortunately his school are unsure of what to do with Leremy, luckily Sensei Bryan Speakman does! In true Budo spirit Leremy refuses to allow the loss of control of his legs to affect his interests. The boy sustained permanent injuries destroying nerves in his legs and causing him to have problems with his bladder requiring a nurse to assist him at school. While he cannot participate in the school sports program he does participates in gym class and other activities. “If he sees something and likes it,” said Melissa Dalton, the boy’s mother. “He’s going to find a way to do it.”

Leremy Kirk and Sensei Bryan Speakman, you have our highest respect. Visit our new Forum to discuss this story. OSU!

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