Stanislaus State University email Oops!

Sensei Post in Identity Theft

Private information accidentally sent in mass university e-mail. Workers in the financial aid department at Stanislaus State University in California are notifying thousands of students after an e-mail containing their private information was inadvertently sent to 97 students. On Thursday, February 2 employees were sending a mass e-mail notifying students about scholarships and other financial aid issues, but private information including Social Security numbers for 9,200 students was mistakenly cut and pasted into the message. “As soon as the e-mail went out, we caught it and aborted it within a minute, but it reached 97 students,” said Roger Pugh, assistant vice president for enrollment services management. Now the school is tracking down all 97 students who received the e-mail to make sure they delete it and don’t misuse the information. Administrators have also sent out letters to the 9,200 students — the entire student body — to warn them their information has been compromised. Pugh said the employee who pasted in the information has not been disciplined.
A couple observations…how many employees does it take to cut-n-paste? Also, have the laws gone to far? In this case a mass announcement must be made when there is minimal exposure, and all parties are known. The only reason I am running this is to see what people think about the need to disclose in a situation like this.

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