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Eileen IversThis post has nothing to do with the Martial Arts. It does have to do with the perfection we seek by practicing the Martial Arts and walking the Budo path. I witnessed this perfection last night in the performance of Eileen Ivers at the Jorgensen Theater at the University of Connecticut. The amazing talent and sheer joy of Eileen Ivers, Tommy McDonnell, James Riley, Isaac Alderson, and Gregory Jones was a vision of the perfection we should all seek in this life. Watching these musicians command their instruments and voices was like watching a great master execute a kata! Now I am no stranger to the theater, culture is an important part of the Martial Artist’s life (or it should be) so to say I enjoyed this show is not a statement made in isolation.

I have witnessed many incredible performances of both individuals and groups but last night was special, this was not a performance, it was a sharing of thier love for their music. The only other performance I would put in the same class as Eileen Ivers is that of the Kodo Drummers. To the entire group thank you for the wonderful evening and reminding me what perfection looks like.
If you have the chance review their schedule and see this performance when they come near you.

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