No Fault in Martial Arts Instructor’s Death

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Greg Deep, 1962-2005Greg Deep, 43, was killed the morning of August 9th, 2005 on his way to work at Ahn’s Fitness Center when a car struck him while riding his bicycle. Deep, who was not wearing a helmet died of massive head injuries at 11:29 a.m. at The Medical Center of Central Georgia. The driver of the car, Pamela Cummings 43, was driving a Ford Contour. Despite some inconsistencies from witnesses the fatality investigator Darrin Marcus concluded the facts of the case did not warrant criminal prosecution of Pamela Cummings who struck and killed Greg Deep while he was riding his bicycle without a helmet. Marcus said a helmet might not have saved him. The primary reason no charges are being filed is due to the fact that Deep did not stop at the intersection and Cummings had the Green light. Cyclists must follow the rules of the road for automobiles, but are not required to wear helmets if they are aged 16 or older.Deep graduated from high school from Mount De Sales Academy and earned a history degree at Mercer University. He was an avid Bible reader who had a copy of the New Testament on his desk and a CD of the Old Testament in his compact disc player at the office where he served as general manager and head instructor. His small office had about 40 plaques and awards representing many of his accomplishments. The community was hard hit by his death.

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