Meditation Point #8

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True Zen

Sitting quietly doing nothing,
Spring comes and the grass grows.

This is perhaps my favorite saying/quote mostly because of its simplicity.  In these ten words the essence of life is put into perspective.  Our worries, our stresses, all the little things we make important and all the things we want to do are put in perspective.  We are insignificant in the grand scheme of things, nothing we do will make the Spring come sooner, it happens without us.  Conversely anything we do will pass away as if it were never there with the passage of time.  We are insignificant.  As a matter of fact the more significant we think we are, the less significant we are.  Significance indicates a desire for recognition.  The desire for recognition is self-centered ego.  We make ourselves the center of the Universe when nothing could be further from the truth.

What to do then?  Do we simply sit and let the world pass through it’s natural cycles?  We should sit quietly occasionally to keep things in perspective, however that isn’t realistic for everyday practice, how would we eat, etc.  No, this quote is only practical if you were the only person on the planet, even then your existence would be short lived.  While this quote does point to a certain truth in life, it neglects the more abstract aspects of life.  The interactions of life, with life.  Our interactions with our fellow men (and women) our important, though if done correctly will also be soon forgotten but not soon erased.  If we keep the world in perspective as the quote tries to point out our interactions with others will be based in kindness and selflessness.  We will sleep peacefully at night and wake with anticipation of the day ahead.  No agenda.  Living in the world but not for the world.  Living in peace with the fact that you do not chase smoke and dreams but bask in the glory of every moment whether good or bad understanding that no one truly has any more power over you than they do to make the Spring come earlier than it will.

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