Upstream attack threatens Bank Customers

Sensei Post in Identity Theft

Since Banks have been taking more security percautions hackers are shifting their focus to bank service providers and partners. In a recent attack, hackers obtained access to computers at ElectroNet Inc., a Tallahassee Internet service provider. ElectroNet Inc serves as the ISP (Internet Service Provider) for three Florida Banks, Capital City Bank, Wakulla Bank, and Premier Bank. Once they had access to all of the Internet traffic for the Banks the hackers redirected all Banks customer traffic to counterfeit web sites on servers the hackers controlled and setup to look like the real bank web sites (phishing). The banks immediately shut down the counterfeit Internet links and their own (real) websites access. The banks also informed the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and FBI who are currently investigating the incident. There is no word yet on how many customer’s data was stolen in this attack. If you are a customer of these banks and you have used their website between March 10th and March 17th you should contact your Bank and change your account information immediately.
Phishing is a popular and increasingly deceptive tool hackers employ to fool individuals and businesses alike. As the term implies it is related to “fishing” since the hackers set a wide net or trap to capture identity and account information. In this case the hackers presented the customers with a counterfeit web page where they are prompted to enter their account information and other sensitive data. Beware and be smart when entering information online, check the URL or site address to make sure it is exactly as expected. Source.

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