NEW!! – The Chuck Norris Remote

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This just in! is proud to announce the addition of this great new product in our store!The Chuck Norris Remote The Chuck Norris Remote! With the Chuck Norris remote you no longer have to train so hard to protect yourself. Forget those endless hours of training and go to a movie! Don’t worry about staying in shape, have that extra helping of pie, you’ve got the Chuck Norris remote to keep you safe.

Some customer comments include “Truely Amazing”, “How did I get by without this”, “Where was this remote when I was getting bullied in grade school!” and the list goes on and on. This amazing device has three primary channels, ‘Roundhouse kick’, (normally sufficient for most attackers), ‘Break Face’ (for those who deserve it) and be careful with this one… ‘Destroy all Life’ (be sure to take cover). The programmable menu allows for hundreds of other possible uses. So what are you waiting for!?! Get yours today!
Disclaimer: No guarantees are provided with this remote, frequency interference and distance can limit its use, not responsible for the actions of Chuck Norris, user assumes all liability, batteries not included, Chuck Norris not included

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