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The AuKyokushin Union 2006ssies better watch out for this trio from New Zealand! From left, Karain Eketone, Ben Terekia and Michael Terekia, are headed to the full-contact Kyokushin Union 2006 Australian national championship on August 26th. Three-dan black belt karate sensei Ben Terekia, son Michael (brown belt) and student Karain Eketone (green belt) of the Turanganui Kyokushin Karate club, located near Gisborne, have been selected in a 25-strong New Zealand team (no other information is available yet on the other 22 members) that will attend. Earlier this year Michael Terekia competed in the Mas Oyama Kyokushin Karate tournament, another full-contact tournament held in Wanganui, New Zealand. He placed second in the colts division, after narrowly losing to his black belt opponent after three gruelling extensions.
Good luck to the Trio as they head to what promises to be a fierce competition, OSU!

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