The Meaning of the Brown Belt (3rd – 1st Kyu)

Sensei Post in Training notes

Similar to the synergy of the purple belt, brown represents the beginning of coming together of all belt colors. The brown belt not only understand the physical movements of their art but is beginning to see and understand that which they were not directly taught. At this stage you have begun to learn how to learn! In this the brown belt moves beyond the understanding and mastery of the required movements. The brown belt symbolizes the beginning of understanding of the inner self. All the emotions including fear and anger are coming under the control of the practitioner. A higher level of consciousness is also beginning to form which provides perspective in many situations. This is demonstrated in the growing ability to teach and mentor other students. The ego is almost gone in these situations replaced with a calm observation that helps them see the class from the students perspective. The progression through the three brown belts signifies the final perfection of the students inner self, their mind and their physical abilities. These final steps of the journey are the most difficult because they are step fraught with inner battles. Despite the difficulties, the reward is great.

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