Book Review: Chip and the Karate Kick

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A Review of: Chip and the Karate KickKids Karate Book: Chip and the Karate Kick

This is a great book! If you want to get your child a book to help them understand Karate then this is the perfect book. If you teach children I would suggest you give them this book as a gift or part of their enrollment package! Yes it is that good. The artwork, by Paul Meisel , is very appealing and clearly supports te underlying story. The story, by Anne Rockwell, is cute but to the point. It is an encouraging story of a young student who doesn’t want to work on the little things but just wants to kick, punch and break things like he sees on TV. Sound familiar?! I won’t ruin the ending here but it is well punctuated. πŸ˜‰
Buy this book! Your young students will love it and their parents will thank you!!

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