Aspects of Fitness

Sensei Post in Training notes

Fitness isn’t just about looking better, it’s about feeling better and the impact that improvement has on our lives. If this is the case then why is getting fit and staying that way so hard for so many? I think there are many answers to this question but primarily they fall into three categories, one we don’t have (make) time, two it’s to hard or I am to far gone, and three I’m lazy and in denial so I can say I am happy with the way I am. That last one may sound harsh but if we look at human behavior it may just explain the bulk (no pun intended) of the problem. I know when I go through periods of not exercising it is because I am extremely busy and lazy on exercise. But no matter how tired your brain may be from working a long day your body still needs to get its workout. Since so many people are animal centric let me put it this way, would you ignore your dog and not take it for a bathroom walk just because you had a long tiring day? If you did you’d have more housework to do! Others of us use the I walked a lot at work today, or lifted, etc. A wise person once told me that anything you do at work doesn’t count because it is work not exercise! And I have found that he was correct. Because even if we engage in strenuous activities at work they do not rise to the level of exercise because they are typically not sustained.
In the coming months we are going to be looking at this topic more closely. We will explore how diet and fitness can be the key to more fulfilled, energetic and dynamic lives that will help you achieve whatever change you’re seeking. Please post your thoughts and comments below and if you want to write an article or serve as a case study let us know!

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