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One of my readers sent this to me a while ago but I’ve been so busy I just got a chance to watch it today… I can’t believe I hadn’t seen this, but it was a definite fit, so thank you Rebecca! The Video is a political ad for Mike Huckabee who I really don’t know much about but this was a great idea on his staffs part! Enjoy….

While I try to keep the blogs content centric the above video got me thinking I should give some “air-time” to the only candidate I support, Fred Thompson. I have followed his political career for a long time now and he is a very principled man who does what he says he is going to do. I’m not trying to convert or convince anyone, you have to make your own choices but perhaps I will give you pause to give Fred some consideration. Regardless is turns out he also has a great sense of humor! In a recent Ad in typical Fred Thompson fashion he shunned the mainstream media and released this video directly to YouTube in response to a challenge from Michael “the rich fat slob who pretends to know our problems to make more money” Moore.

I can see why Fred Thompson doesn’t like the media but I like the fact that they included a clip of Moore expressing his love for America. If you missed it you’ll have to watch it again. In typical fashion the news media cut the beginning of the video which makes it lose something, here is the complete 38 second version of the video:

If you want to know more about Fred Thompson and where he stands on the issues this is a good clip to start with. Yes I said stand on the issues not spin, he actually states his stance but more importantly explains his plan on how to make his approach a reality. Haven’t heard talk like that since Ronald Reagan ran for office. And yes, I mean that as a compliment!

This is perhaps one of the best explanations of Federalism and why it is such a healthy and incredible form of government I’ve ever heard. If this isn’t a breath of fresh air then what is?!

Feel free to post comments as I would like to know what you think, other resources, links and opinions. Look forward to hearing from you…

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