Chinese Cyber Attacks Increase

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As Reported here, there have been a sharp hike in cyber-attacks from China. Security experts at Finjan examined the new wave of Chinese attacks and the mechanisms used and claims and have identified an “intricate network of connections” between China-based servers run by cyber-criminals. While trojaned systems that initiate the attacks exist all over the world however they are eventually associated with servers registered as Chinese domains. The attackers are spreading the assaults by placing entry points on a variety of websites in different regions and listed differently by URL categorization engines. The infection consists of either an I-frame or a Script tag placed on the website that causes users visiting the site to be attacked. Examples for such entry point regions are shown in Finjan’s December 2007 Malicious Page of the Month Report (free subscription required), and were found on trusted websites in the U.S., China, and Western Europe, including government and education sites. After the victim reaches an entry point, the attackers use dynamic code obfuscation methods to limit signature-based technologies from detecting the attack. The victim is redirected to a series of sites containing I-frames that will eventually force the victim to visit a site that belongs to the Chinese network. In the first part of the actual malicious attack, the cyber-criminals use new or known exploits that will infect the victim with a crime-ware Trojan. “After the initial Trojan is loaded it initiates the downloading of other Trojans from different locations. The compromised computer will then redirect to other sites in order to send statistical information about the infected PC,” the firm stated. “Finjan has discovered that different Trojans send encoded information to the same sites in China that we identified as being unique to the attack.

Bob Barker, Karate Man?

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This is an interesting video clip, it appears that at some point Bob Barker applied for a job at ESPN (or spoofed one) and this is the resulting edited version. Listen to hear Bob review his resume and why he would be the best guy for the job. But don’t get to close!

Artist Makes Art One Karate Chop at a Time

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Phil Hansen over at Phil_in_the_circle_dot_com has a unique talent, he is an unconvensional artist who uses unconventional mediums for amazing results. Our obvious favorite is his tribute to Bruce made entirely with karate chops, head butts and spear hands! The results are amazing and you can purchase a print here but to truly appreciate the work you have to see the video of its creation.

Don’t Mess with Chuck!!

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It has been a while since I have posted some Chuck Norris humor. I stumbled across this old commercial when getting the video for the last post. Don’t ask me why but this stuff cracks me up! I still read through the Chuck Norris posts in the Forum. If you have any others please post them there or here as a comment. Hope you enjoy this as much as I do…

Remember Chuck Norris’ Karate Commandos?

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This old cartoon classic… Chuck Norris Karate Commandos

Complete with introductions by Chuck Norris himself this retro 1970’s style cartoon is a classic! But don’t take our word for it watch a clip for yourself and let the memories flood back to that golden age of cartoon entertainment.

Now you can share the experience with your kids and help the Pride Lasts Foundation at the same time by purchasing from here!

Meditation Point #106

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He comes without lifting a foot,
Teaches without moving his tongue.
No matter how you lead the way,
There is always one you follow.
— Zen Commentary

This quote always reminds me a little of the ‘footsteps in the sand’ quote.   It is a reminder that no matter how hard we try to lead, to be on our own, we are never alone, never the best.  There is always someone better and someone who has gone before us in whose footsteps we follow.  Embracing this fact is to remove your own egotistical conceptions that you are so special.  The one thing I like about this saying more then the footsteps quote is that it does not draw a flowery picture but a realistic one.  In saying “There is always one you follow” it reminds us that our actions pay homage to any leader good or bad with each decision we make and step we take.

In Response To Fascism

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In surfing the internet today a headline caught my eye Action, adventure and atheism? ‘Compass’ meets some opposition. It was a short article about the new movie The Golden Compass. The title pretty much tells the story but what I found the most interesting were the 164 comments! I was jealous, if only I could get my readers to comment like that!! As I read the comments a common theme surfaced that I have seen a thousand times, so I decided to respond, then I realized I should share it here since I am standing up for what I see as justice and the little guy…read on and let me know what you think…in a comment!

The commenters are divided into those who agree with the article:

I think the magic stuff as a whole is crossing over the black and white and going too gray for kids and parents…be careful that we teach them to not believe or act on magical/witchcraft later on…it is real and can be real bad for kids, nightmares, etc…

This by far represents the vast minority of commenters but provides ample foder for those that loath the existance of the article. I use strong language because that is the mood that comes across when reading the comments. Those that disagree with the article cover the spectrum of approaches. They always seem to begin innocent as this early comment:

I think people are taking things far to seriously. The movie is fantasy, as was Harry Potter. I never got into the whole Potter movie phenom but I don’t see how it hurt anyone’s Christian beliefs.

But like any feeding frenzy people become more passionate when they feel they have the upperhand. But the one that really caught my attention and made me decide to post a comment of my own was this comment: (I bolded the parts that I found the most interesting as they may help interpret my response and comments. I also added links to define certain words.)

Wonderful story, acting and special affects. Great entertainment.

I find it amusing that the “old religions of controlling for thousands of years” are once again, up in arms and protesting thou shalt not watch this movie…for it is evil…er I mean it shall affect Sunday offerings”! LOL!

Yeah…it’s about 2,000 – 3,000 years way overdue that religion vanishes and “Spirituality” replaces it. It’s happening, the etheric awakening and the church knows it and is afraid of the disolution of the lemming followers finally taking back their power. It’s about time.
People are beginning to realize the bloody, greedy, corrupt, controlling, fear based dark past of many religions. Read up on the Crusades and the Inquisitions and you will learn the horrific truth of the Catholic church. This old propaganda, one must go to person of the cloth, to get to God, if one does not do this or that hell awaits, is such crap. It’s all about control, instilling fear and money. The bloody reality is the church murdered and stole to create it’s massive wealth. Read historical accounts, not the damn re-written crap and propganda by the manipulators. Yes…the bible has been re-written countless times to serve the needs of those in power at the time. Once revered women were taken out of the bible to give aall the power to the men.
This is the coming of age of “Spirituality” and maintaining your personal power and relationship with Spirit, Source, God or no creator, whatever you believe or don’t believe.
Anyways…great movie…I’d see it again and will buy the DVD when it comes out!

Here is my response to this and similar comments everywhere…

It is amusing to me reading through the comments like these on topics like this how the only religion attacked in Christianity. I see no references to the texts of Islam, Judah, or others. I see more articles written by Muslims condemning works like this but no outrage. Perhaps it is because Christianity stands alone in supporting justice and freedom. Perhaps many have met misguided followers, God knows I have. Perhaps instead you met the truth which was contrary to your way life? Perhaps in you uncomfortable ignorance you found it easier to shun and ridicule the to look within and perfect yourself. The funny thing is in how you react. You are much more evangelical in your witnessing to the “lies” of Christianity, then most Christians are to their faith. Perhaps that is because most Christians believe in free will. We do not fault you your choices, we pity you.

Why do you react so strongly when someone posts an article or opinion piece meant for like-minded people? When I read an opinion piece written by someone of contrary beliefs then myself I do one of two things. I stop reading and move on. Or I read though so I can learn how those opposite of me can think. It never occurs to me to convert them or as you attempt to save them. Kind of ironic or is the word hypocritical?

I just had to stop for a moment and ask.

This part I didn’t post but I was also wonder what their opinions are of other religions? Do they think they could rant like that or me this way if they lived in a non-Christian society? Yes there are exceptions but I like to deal with the rule. It amuses me the way communists rant against America yet get into their BWM and then scream if someone violates their civil rights! Yes I live near a college town…

BTW, I titled this piece “In Response to Fascism” because that is what both sides are doing trying to perform a suppression of the opposition. Unlike the article that poses an opinion as a review for like-minded people, these comments seek to suppress not only the article but those who would agree. I find very little intellectual dialog in these “discussions” as they are often more reminiscent of a grade school playground where each side attempts to convince the other of their right.

There it is done. You know more about me. I have made every attempt to keep this blog generic and open so if this offends you…start your own blog! I am allowed to an occassional rant given my daily vigil to post useful content and resources for you the unknown, non commenter. 😉

Broken Boards Karate Puzzle

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After breaking boards for a local competition the Karate Students

didn’t want to see the wood wasted…

and so was born the greatest puzzle idea ever…


Buy one or make your own for someone this Christmas!

An Exercise Collection – Work Your Core

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So we all know it. Your core is crucial in training to reach that extra mile. Here is a collection of Core exercises that will take you to the limit!

Flat on back, knees up 90 degrees, feet crossed, hands across chest, suck abs in tight, pick shoulder blades off the ground (toward the ceiling), point elbows toward the thighs.
Weighted Crunch
Flat on the back, knees bent, feet flat on the floor, hold weight (start small) straight over face with elbows extended, suck abs in tight, pick shoulder blades off the ground, push weight straight toward the ceiling.
Weighted Twist
Seated, feet up off the ground and crossed, hold weight at chest level 8 inches away from chest, rotate torso so that weight hits each hip.
Russian Twist
Same starting position, start at the hip, rotate up and across the torso, extending elbows.
Flat on the back, right knee bent 90 degrees, left leg out straight 6 inches off floor, suck abs in tight, pick shoulder blades off the ground, touch hands under the bent knee
Flat on the back, hands behind head, bring opposite elbow toward knee, pausing every 5 repetitions
2 Foot Blasters
Flat on the back, hands over head with elbows extended, legs out straight, bend knees up toward waist, pick shoulder blades off ground, extend arms and legs back out straight. Don’t let feet
touch ground when extending.
Flat on the back, hands out like a cross with palms down, bend knee up toward waist, rotate to right, rotate back to left, than extend straight down.
Leg Raise
Flat on back, hands under glute, knees extended, flex hips up so that legs are straight up from floor.  Raise and lower legs in 1/3 stages (10%, 45% and 90%) holding for a minimum of 10 seconds at each stage.
Front Bridge
Position yourself face down with hands together propped up on elbows and toes, keep abs tight, keep back flat and hold for time.
Side Bridge
On your side with feet on top of each other, prop yourself up on elbow which will be at 90 degrees, keep body completely straight and hold for time.  (put a cushion under your elbow!)
Back Bridge
On back, knees bent, feet flat on the floor, cross arms on chest, pick hips up as high as possible so that body is completely straight. Extend one knee out and hold for time.
On hands and knees, extend opposite arm and leg out completely straight, hold for time.
Flat on stomach, arms and legs extended out, raise arms and legs off the ground, pausing for a second…or two.
Flat on stomach, hands behind the head, feet stay down, raise torso up few inches and pause. (reverse sit-up)
Flat on stomach with hands out like a cross palms down, bring left leg across body and try to touch it to your right hand.

Pride Lasts Foundation – Holiday Appeal

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Happy Holiday’s it is again time for our Holiday Appeal. This is the time of year when we are all busy shopping for presents and getting ready for the Holiday’s. Many of us will shop online because it is convenient, easy and fun.

While you shop online you can support our scholarship fund and it won’t cost you a dime, only one extra mouse click! If you are going to purchase anything on please start your Amazon shopping on our website. Right in the center, bottom of the page is an search box, enter anything you want in that box and submit. This will bring you to and then you can go shopping! Once you have done this we will get a referral fee for everything you purchase over the next day, it is that easy! And it doesn’t cost you a thing!

So what will you be supporting? You will be supporting the Academic Scholarship called Pride Lasts. Pride Lasts provides a scholarship to students who are financially and socially challenged, kids who otherwise may never get any recognition. The recipients do not have to practice the Martial Arts. This scholarship has been well received by the community and with your help we hope to expand the number of schools we can offer this scholarship through. Since last year we have setup a website for the Pride Lasts Foundation,, to help raise awareness and gain support. Let us know what you think!

With every dollar we receive we are that much closer to support yet another deserving student. In the past we have only been able to recognize one student per year. But with your help we would like to increase that number every year and expand out program geographically. The future is not in the hands of our children, it is in our hands as we are responsible for making them the accomplished leaders of tomorrow. So let’s all do our part and give another child the desire to succeed.

So please take a moment before you start making your holiday purchases and go to using this link or by using a link on our web site.

Thank you all for your time and your extra mouse click!

Have a safe, healthy, happy and joyous Holiday Season.

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