Spreading Obesity, Turning the Tide

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Someone sent me this graphic and it really shocked me! While the media will do the occasional story on obesity in adults or children I have never seen it presented like this.


Obesity from 1985 to 2001


This simple graphic really puts the problem in perspective! I wonder if there is any correlation to the spread of fast food or chain restaurants during the same period? Don’t get me wrong I am not excusing the problem or blaming the problem on these restaurants. That is just an observation. I do think however that given the progression of the problem we shouldn’t expect the solution to arrive any faster. That isn’t very good news for our kids but it is realistic. The first steps to recovery for any problem require us to admit there is a problem and get educated about the cause and solution.


What is needed is another fitness craze in the country! Personally I’d like to see a Martial Arts fitness craze, more fun then running! πŸ˜‰ Seriously we do need a fitness craze but it has to be a healthy craze. It can’t be filled with fad diets, gimmick exercises and unrealistic goals. Yes everyone has a stomach muscles under there somewhere but that doesn’t mean we have a hidden six-pack!! Not that you can’t get there but that shouldn’t be your goal, it isn’t realistic when you are struggling to loose 20, 30, 40, 50 pounds or more. To get a six-pack you need to get rid of almost all of your body fat. That isn’t a realistic goal for most adults with responsibilities! That isn’t to say you can’t work towards it but set realistic goals, or goal stages.


With goal stages you can still shoot for the end game (say six-pack abs) but there are realistic goals that lead to the ultimate goal. Perhaps your first goal is to cut out all snacks and do 30 sit-ups a day. This will be a difficult goal for many to achieve but it is attainable and realistic. So forget the 30 minute abs while you wait for your Pizza delivery!

Talk about unrealistic!!

So wake up America, start taking an interest in your health and learn more about how to eat and exercise healthy in future articles here! Until then eat healthy and train hard.

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