iTaser: Shockingly Good Sound Quality

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Finally a Consumer Product that keeps you safe and happy at the same time! Turns out that Music is not only good for the soul but it makes good protection too! Well this product may not protect you with music but you can listen to your favorite tracks while you are Tasing an attacker. It will almost make the experience like going to the movies! Perhaps “Danger Zone” would make a good track?

Red Taser C2All joking aside this is a great idea and a great product. While it is NOT called the iTaser this is a name that seems to be becoming a popular unofficial nickname for the device. The device is actually called the Taser® C2 and you need the combination Taser® C2 Holster to complete the self-defense, 1GB MP3 playing electronic control device. Taser International Inc, which makes stun guns, unveiled a natty range of MP3-playing holsters that can hold up to one gigabyte worth of songs and comes with iPod-style headphones. Both the holders and the 50,000 volt electric charge-delivering guns come in stylish designs such as leopard print, “Fashion Pink” and “Hot Red“. With a price tag of just over $400.00 this device is a real attention getter.

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