Do you Believe in God?

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Since it is Sunday I thought it an appropriate time to ask this question. I have always operated under the belief that the vast majority of people believe in God. Notice I didn’t specify or define God but just generally that there is a higher power. Recently I came across this web site which while not very scientific I found the results shocking. The site (link below) asks a simple question, Yes or No, do you believe in God. You can click on their logo to vote.

Do you believe?

Given the current state of the world I guess the results should not surprise me. But nearly 50% of the world doesn’t believe!? This makes me wonder what they believe? From my experience most activities fortify my belief. A Martial Arts blog may seem a strange place for this discussion but to me the Martial Arts are steeped in belief in a higher order even though it is left to the individual to pursue. Where do you weigh in? Post a comment…

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