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Meditation Point #113First step towards Failure

Our greatest glory consists not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.
– – Confucius

There are many variations of this saying and I have written about them here before. But there is something significant in every way it is said that bears repeating. You see we are all imperfect, we all fall constantly because of this. Each time we fall it is easy to stay down and give in to our failure. However, giving in to our failure and imperfections is the only true failure. Fighting is hard and often doesn’t seem worth it when we are taking our lumps; however in the sparring ring we learn that those lumps teach us valuable lessons. Unfortunately in Life it is much harder to see the value in some “lessons“. This is mostly because they are long term lessons unlike those we learn in the sparring ring!

Failure means one thing, we are trying to find perfection and that is always a good thing. But avoid the pitfall of hiding in repeated failures so you do not have to continue on your Journey to perfect imperfection! Remember the sparring ring the next time you fail and like the sparring ring close the opening and get back in there! Perhaps Homer understand Confucius better then I thought!

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