The First Day of Spring!!

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Gene Kelley’s most famous movie moment ever.

What better video clip can capture the Joy of Spring, Spring fever and what it is like to be in Love!

A romantic to the last! Enjoy the coming Spring with a song in your heart.



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Animals have a natural sense of their right to defend themselves; so why don’t humans?

Defending Yourself

Here we see a Horse standing up for itself and chasing away a possible threat. Because it can. Unfortunately us people don’t seem to have the inborn ability to defend ourselves, we need to learn it. What amazes me is how many people have never taken a self-defense class or course in the martial arts. While I understand the Martial Arts are not for everyone, I do not understand the reason not to take a self-defense class. What is the worst that could happen? You might just learn something that will save your life one day. So take a lesson from the Horse, sig up for a self-defense class today. If you aren’t sure where to find a school, check out our Dojo directory for a school or class near you.

Sodding Sugary Soda

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Extra Big Gulp!Americans have the most access to food in the world and yet we eat the worst, what is up with that?! We eat and eat and never seem to get full too! Part of the reason for this is the lifestyle we live, the other is the food we actually have access to eat. Our lifestyle we can change but can we really change the food we have access to? The answer is that depends…if you are willing to spend the time and of course with the money anything is possible. One of the biggest contributors to health and obesity problems in this country is artificial additives, from radiating our meat to chemical flavor enhancers to the topic today, high fructose corn syrup. In the USA high fructose corn syrup is commonly used in place of sugar in processed foods. Most of us don’t even know we are eating it, as the average American eats an astounding 41.5 lbs of high fructose corn syrup per year! That means the average American is consuming 51.6 grams of high fructose corn syrup a day! The USDA daily recommends your daily diet contain no more then 32 grams (8 tsp) of added sugar per day for a person with a 2000 calorie diet (calculate how many calories you should consume a day).

Before we continue let’s take a second and examine why we care about high fructose corn syrup. To be clear there is no conclusive evidence (no accepted studies done) that high fructose corn syrup is detrimental to your health. High fructose corn syrup contains the same amount of fructose as sugar. Despite this there is concern in the health community. The reasons include the fact that beverages containing high fructose corn syrup have a higher level of carbonyl’s (reactive compounds) which ARE linked to cell and tissue damage that causes diabetes. Also many nutritionists think that we can better process natural foods then food additives and artificial foods. Makes sense to me but my personal reasons are one foods with sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup taste better; and, it just makes sense that natural is healthier. With that out of the way let’s get back to our discussion.

There is some good news and some bad news… The good news is that “added sugar” means “man added” so sugars found in fruits and vegetables are free! Of course eating fruits and vegetables is expensive but that’s not the bad news… The bad news is that the above figures do not include our additional consumption of sugar! See the key word when looking at the daily allowance of 32 grams of “added sugar“. Take a look at what comprises “Added Sugar”…

    Names for added sugars on food labels include:

  • brown sugar
  • corn sweetener
  • corn syrup
  • dextrosePassover Coke
  • fructose
  • fruit juice concentrates
  • glucose
  • high-fructose corn syrup
  • honey
  • invert sugar
  • lactose
  • maltose
  • malt syrup
  • molasses
  • raw sugar
  • sucrose
  • sugar
  • syrup

So here is the bad news is that the amount we discussed earlier of high fructose corn syrup consumed doesn’t include other sugars! While most of us don’t even know we are eating 41.5 lbs of high fructose corn syrup per year; we also need to understand that the average American is eating an additional 44.5 lbs of sugar per year! That means the average American is consuming 55.3 grams of sugar a day! Combined the average American consumes 86 lbs of added sugar per year or 106.9 grams of added sugar per day! Remember that the USDA daily recommends your daily diet contain no more then 32 grams of added sugar per day. That means the average American is consuming almost 75 grams more added sugar then the daily recommended amount. Shocking or Not? To illustrate why this is bad news; by drinking one can of soda a day the average person will gain 5 lbs in one year. A can of soda contains between 31 and 36 grams of sugar or your entire daily allowance.

    Foods that contain most of the added sugars in American diets are:

  • regular soft drinks
  • candy
  • cakes
  • cookies
  • pies
  • fruit drinks, such as fruitades and fruit punch (not 100% fruit juices)
  • milk-based desserts and products, such as ice cream, sweetened yogurt and sweetened milk
  • grain products such as sweet rolls and cinnamon toast

Now that we have all of this information and a pretty good picture of what this means to our health; what are we going to do? The scale doesn’t lieI personally do not believe in sudden drastic change unless you are in an extreme situation (health, risk of death, etc). Sudden drastic change is usually to difficult to stick with which can only lead to failure. To really make a change start small, instead of cutting out snacks between meals right away switch to healthy snacks for 3-4 months, then cut down on the snacks and eventually make the jump to no snacking between meals within 6-9 months. This is a realistic plan and will help you cut your overall added sugar consumption since most snacks are high in calories and added sugars. Cutting out between meal snacks will reduce your daily calorie intake which of course will lead to weight loss. It is important that you couple the weight loss with exercise or your body will loos muscle mass before losing fat which can be detrimental to your health (watch for the upcoming article about muscle loss and maintenance!). It takes a minimum of 3 months to make something a habit but if you are breaking a life long bad habit it can take longer so be patient with yourself but not soft on yourself! Improving your diet can be costly however if you are eating less it should be a wash in the long run. Don’t be afraid to treat yourself occasionally as well but be careful it doesn’t make you fall off the wagon. Use your rewards as a goal (ice cream on Friday night, etc) but try to push yourself to better goals too. When Friday rolls around perhaps you forgo the ice cream to Saturday night or the next week, thereby increasing your willpower and shaping new positive habits by proving to yourself that you can go without those extra unhealthy sweets if you really want to, it is empowering and rewarding to have that control!

Now that you understand your diet a little better and what it presently contains perhaps you can improve your situation. The better you feel the better you can train! That’s what it is all about reaching new heights of personal achievement that is why you are working towards your black belt or next rank. Use your goals to help you improve your whole life and you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve!! Good luck, train hard, train often!

And by all means post your questions, comments, personal stories and additions to the comments section!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Kiss Me I’m Irish!!

No reasonable offer refused 😉

The History of St. Patrick’s Day

On a more serious note…And something for the stomach!

Classic Irish Soda Bread
Amount Measure Ingredient — Preparation Method
4 cups Flour
4 teaspoons Baking Powder
1 cup Sugar
1/2 teaspoon Salt
1 teaspoon Caraway Seeds
1 1/2 cups Raisins
2   Eggs — beaten
1 cup Butter or Margarine — melted
1 cup Milk

Preheat oven to 350 F. Lightly grease a loaf pan. Place raisins and caraway seeds in a large bowl. Sift together flour, baking soda, sugar and salt. Pour sifted mixture over raisins. Add butter, eggs and milk to the bowl; mix well.

Mold dough into a loaf shape on a floured board. Place dough in greased pan and bake for one hour, or until bread tests done.

Enjoy! And have a Happy and Safe St. Patrick’s Day.

Self Doubt

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Meditation Point #118

The more intelligent and cultured a man is, the more subtly he can humbug himself.

– – Carl Gustav Jung


We all doubt ourselves and to some extent put ourselves down, it is part of human nature. Occasionally we will meet someone who is so full of themselves that they are delusional, this isn’t about them. What this is about is perception, because often we think those that are more intelligent then us, or richer then us do not have the same problems or inner turmoil that we wrestle with. This is most definitely untrue. While there are those who can put on a good show or ignore for a time their self doubts or self criticism we all face these demons sooner or later. We start at a very young age coping with perceived failures (real or imaginary) and these grow with us into adulthood. It is sad really. Imagine what we could accomplish if we worried less about our failings and insecurities. Perhaps the delusional people are on to something?!

Body Part Regeneration

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This is amazing and well worth sharing here so more people will know this type of technology is available. If this can help you or anyone you know please pass it on and by all means let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

These doctors are the real heroes of our generation. I wish they would get as much press as some of our dysfunctional athletes.

Here is a 3 part talk on regenerative medicine by expert Alan Russell…


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Meditation Point #117

Buddha Quote  - Live

How to Be a Ninja!

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I came across this How-To Video that just had to be shared! A serious documentary on the skills necessary to be…a Ninja!

A Great presentation.

Patient OR Cowardly

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Meditation Point #116

Patience has its limits. Take it too far, and it’s cowardice.

– – George Jackson

I am a patient man though less so with each passing year. Perhaps I am becoming more brave? Though I have never been one to keep my mouth shutIf only we had spoken up sooner… or to not act when injustice presents itself to me society for a while dampened my response. You could say that society had made me cowardly for I was tired of flying in the face of popular culture. (Notice I said culture and not thinking or logic.) What I have discovered over the past year as I began to break my silence and speak up again was that complacence is a form of cowardice. Recently, I was faced with confronting a particular authority figure and honestly I didn’t want to. They hadn’t done anything horrible but they were not doing what was right. They don’t take well to personal criticism so I knew my words would undoubtedly be unwelcome. Yet in the back of my mind this constant mantra kept coming to me…’if not you, then who?’. I guess that is when it hit me and my path was clear. Yes, I spoke with the person and it didn’t go well; they reacted worse then I even imagined. But the deed was done and like it or not someone had called them out for their behavior. What struck me about this situation and led me to reflect about how complacency is a form of cowardice we how insignificant my task was. Then I thought of others who have faced greater tasks with more fortitude then I had at first shown.

I am happy to report that I am back on track and standing my ground and speaking up when needed. Don’t send me a cap and tights because that isn’t my meaning! But I did get to thinking what if we all stood up and did the difficult tasks? What would the world look like? It IS difficult to stand up to authority or go against current “socially acceptable” topics; but think what happens if we don’t. Well the answer to that is pretty easy, you get to live in a society just like we have today. What does your tomorrow look like? Unfortunately the fortitude of our forefathers seems locked away for fear of mass media and the special interests. The only way to change this is for the good people to stop being quietly complacent and to speak up and say enough! Until then good luck to those who do speak up and do stand up for what is right, I know you are out there.

One Truth

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Meditation Point #115

Absolute Truth

All you have to do is look for it.

Well that isn’t entirely true that is only the first step to finding truth.

Once you look for it you need to remain objective and test its validity.

But rest assured that Absolute Truth does exist, absolutely.