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Meditation Point #119
So many stones are thrown at me
that I no longer cover,
the turret’s cage is shapely,
high among high towers.
My thanks, to its builders,
may they escape pain and woe,
here, I see suns rise earlier,
here, their last splendors glow.
And often winds from northern seas
fill the windows of my sanctuary,
and a dove eats corn from my palm…
and divinely light and calm,
the Muse’s sun burnt hand’s at play,
finishing my unfinished page.

Anna Akhmatova
(translated by Anthony Kline)

A great poem reflecting on the blessings in life from someone whom seems would have nothing to feel blessed about. This is a reflection we should all make in our lives; to often we focus on the negatives and miss the small wonderous treasures life gives to us even in our darkest moments. Quiet your mind with your worries and your wrongs and your injustices; and take notice of the quiet, sweet blessings that otherwise go unnoticed.

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