Stand Strong and Fight Back

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We humans are a meek bunch. It seems pretty common for us to cower and submit when faced with a conflict. I run into this mentality very often when teaching new students in self-defense classes. Having never been in a physical conflict most people are squeamish at the idea. More over many people feel they can reason with an aggressor to diffuse the situation. I always explain to people that how they react is their choice and if they choose to submit that to is a decision. Likewise if they choose to reason with their aggressor it is their choice but I always point out they lose the advantage. While I do not agree with these decisions I respect them.

Big versus Small

What is interesting is the contrast to this mentality in the animal kingdom. As captured in this picture in the animal kingdom you stand strong and fight back. If you don’t you’re usually lunch. Animals

have a keen sense of self-preservation. We can learn a lot from animals, especially the lesser aggressive or predatory animals. These animals rarely pick a fight and if they see one coming will attempt to avoid it. Yet if they are protecting something important, their young or food, they will put up a fight. Cats and Dogs are good examples for the discussion. Dogs typically have the size and

lethal weapon advantage over cats, yet when push come to shove the cat will fight back. They won’t submit in the hopes that the dog will rough them up and move along. No the two options they see is avoid the situation or fight back. The cat certainly won’t expect another animal to come to their aid.


Today to many groups advocate relying on a restraining order and the police for protection (usually specific to domestic situations). While I always advocate following through on legal recourse you must always be prepared. Yes I have heard and witnessed the psychological trauma which can physically cripple a person. However, ultimately we have to decide if we allow this person to continue to have control over us? That is the root question as hard and complicated as it can be. The first step to taking control is being in control. Notice I didn’t say “feeling” in control. You need to be in control of yourself first. Like the cat often the best way to stay in control is to take it on immediately before the aggressor has the advantage of size, equipment AND the environment.

Remember this is food for thought, not a condemnation of any decision, certainly not advice for any specific situation! But think about it because we are formidable opponents when we believe we have the right to go about our lives with being harrassed or abused…and remember the cat…

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