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The other night I got into a discussion and was asked what the best Martial Art is… Of course this is a loaded question and like everything else in the world everyone things theirs is the best! Obviously that isn’t possible so anyone that disagrees with my way must be wrong… πŸ˜‰ just kidding… So the question was which Martial Art is the best. This led to talking about some of the competitions I’ve seen and some I’ve posted about here. Boxer versus martial artist, kung fu versus karate, etc. Then I threw everyone a curve ball which I like to do…I said Tai Chi. That look you have right now, that is the same look they had! Yes, Tai Chi the moving meditation that old people practice so they don’t break anything, Tai Chi. Why?? First let me say I do not practice Tai Chi and have never even taken a class. What? That’s right. I base my opinion on my years of practice and reading and research and interactions with other martial artists. Tai Chi is a moving meditation but it is a Martial Art, one that focuses almost entirely on control of yourself. In a very recent post I wrote about this very topic, if you can control yourself you can usually maintain control of a situation. But there is much more then that. Tai Chi taken years sometimes decades to perfect and it is all done in slow motion focusing on the flow of Chi. Chi is the power behind all of the Martial Arts (if you believe that sort of thing) but Tai Chi spend the most time developing it. It is also my opinion that Tai Chi isn’t a very effective Martial Art until you have practiced for many years. Long years of repetitive learning make the motions practiced second nature. Any fighter with built in reaction is a formidable opponent. I have also been told that since you practice Tai Chi very slowly it changes your perceptional awareness allowing you to seemingly slow down the movements of your opponent. So there I said it, Tai Chi, I know there will be those that ridicule my opinion, especially the MMA crowd. I welcome your thoughts and comments, even your ridicule :p But remember this is my opinion based on my experiences, etc.

It may be useful if you can see how you can use Tai Chi as a fighting art and how the movements are based on actual Martial techniques. With that in mind I found this video:

The Uses Of Tai Chi Chuan

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