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It was mentioned recently that moderating blog comments is seen as censorship. It seems some readers wonder if we will accept their comment, or if I will “Censor” them and therefore choose not to comment!Censoring is Bad


If you could see the amount of SPAM/Junk/Trash that attempts to make it into our comments on a given day you would understand why we need to “moderate” our comments. It seems one way spammers make money is to get their stuff post random “comments” to blogs. These “comments,” which spam programs generate by the billions, often turn out to be ads for online drugs, get-rich-quick scams, links to porn sites, and the like. We detest these type of comments!

It is pretty rare that we wrongly classify a comment but if we do it is not intentional. If your comment doesn’t show up on the blog do not assume that we’ve censored it. We reject very, very few for their content. If you send in a comment and it doesn’t appear within 24 hours (and usually much sooner), give us a second chance — send in another one. If you still don’t see results, drop one of us an e-mail.

Hopefully this puts everyone at ease that we only censor SPAM.

Please remember that since we want this to be a family friendly site we have to be vigilant. The good news is once you have posted a few approved comments your posts are immediately displayed. We still check them to make sure some slimy spammer hasn’t tricked his or her way into the system…but that isn’t you!

So by all means post a comment! Agree with me, disagree with me, take me to task, challenge my logic (I know I leave holes some times!), argue with other commentor’s posts, tell me you love me, but don’t spam me! Honestly all comments are welcome because it motivates me and helps me to know what you want to hear…

See you in the comments…

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