There’s a new game in town…

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Have a dispute to settle? Can’t decide what movie to see? Well you could try the old rock-paper-scissors game, but that seems kind of lame.  Or you could be cool and play Zombie-Robot-Monkey-Pirate-Ninja-Zombie instead!  Call it ZRMPN (Zerm-Pin) for short and sound cool too!  Here are the details:

Here are the rules:

* Monkey fools Ninja
* Monkey unplugs Robot
Suggested noise: Ee-Ee-Eek!

* Robot chokes Ninja
* Robot crushes Zombie
Suggested noise: Ex-Ter-Min-Ate!

* Pirate drowns Robot
* Pirate skewers Monkey
Suggested noise: Arrrrrh!

* Ninja karate chops Pirate
* Ninja decapitates Zombie
Suggested noise: Keiiii!

* Zombie eats Pirate
* Zombie savages Monkey
Suggested noise:  Mmmmmmah…

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