Gun Grab…I mean Control!

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I wish I had more time to write on this topic as I (like most people) could write volumes of intelligent articles to battle the emotional response under-informed citizens seem caught up in.  Since I don’t have a ton of spare time right now I wanted to share this video that covers all the major bases and mentions my home state, Connecticut!

Enjoy and please post your comments and opinions here so we can have a conversation or flame war, your choice 😉

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  • Rebecca

    Okay, now I know who you were talking about! LOVE that guy! My dad always sends me his newest video. He is right on the money and doesn’t pull any punches. Truth hurts sometimes and people need to man up and accept that we are being fed a bunch of lies! If “#2 smells like #2!” then maybe “gasp” it IS! ~Rebecca
    PS. Check out his video on 22s –