Here we are us two wondering what we will learn about each other…  Me I’d like to learn more about you through your comment posts.  But it seems you would like to know more about me first.  Far be it from me to miss a chance to talk about myself!!  But what shall I tell you?  Perhaps how I spend hours on end researching and writing articles for your delight?  Perhaps how this blog and site is provided for free and all I ask in return is an occasional comment?  Perhaps you want to know more about why I would do such a thing?  Perhaps you want to know about the charities we support?  No, you probably want to know about my eye color, the style of my hair or to see some erotic photos of me performing unusual Tantric martial arts moves!  Honestly I am just not that kind of person at least not until I get to know you better. 😉  So if you want to see those photos or get to know me better perhaps you should post a comment, we can chat, we can laugh, we can cry, we can even disagree (because it is so fun to make up).  But I am sorry to say that until you post some comments and we get to know each other this relationship cannot go to the next level, I’m just not that kind of person.

Well this chat was healthy, it is always good to start a new relationship with honesty don’t you think?  I look forward to getting to know you much, much better. 😉