Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

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May your Christmas be perfect too!

Merry Christmas

You better watch out!

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May the magic of this Holiday fill you with Joy…

Merry Christmas Eve

Kumiai-Ryu Team Members Take National Titles

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Parkes,New South Wales,Australia
The titles saw Kumiai-Ryu members from all around the country come together to compete in many varied events, including individual kata, weapons kata, demonstrations, grappling, point sparring, semi contact and ultimate restricted sparring (full contact kickboxing).
All events were run in both weight and grade divisions. Results for team members were as follows:

  • Les Bevan – second semi contact sparring, third individual kata.
  • Mitchell Bevan – first grappling, third individual kata.
  • Ben Bevan – third point sparring.
  • Sheamus Byrne – second Semi contact sparring, fourth point sparring.
  • Casey Byrne – third grappling, fourth point sparring, fourth semi contact sparring.
  • Nathan Schulze – first grappling.
  • Gus Cheney – second grappling.
  • Natasha Crouch – first point sparring, second grappling, third semi contact sparring, first demonstration event, runner up ultimate restricted.
  • Rob Weaver – first point sparring, first semi contact sparring, first demonstration event.
  • Jason O’Leary – first individual kata, third semi contact sparring.
  • Tony Gatt – first demonstration event.

A big KarateTraining.org Congratulations…OSU!!

ICON Sports – Opposites Attract Results

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KJ Noons and Nick Ring, two of the four winners selected from the PRIDE FIGHTING U.S. AUDITIONS last November, were victorious at the ICON Sports “Opposites Attract” event, held last Friday, October 28th at the Blaisdell Arena in Honolulu, Hawaii. Noons faced off against one of Hawaii’s top lightweight fighters in Harris “The Hitman” Sarmiento. Fighting out of Waipahu, Hawaii and representing the 808 Fight Factory, Sarmiento proved to be a difficult challenge as he withstood repeated striking barrages by Noons before succumbing by TKO at 4:37 of round 3. Noons improved his record to 4-1. Nick Ring of Calgary, Alberta took on Mike Malone of Waimanalo, Hawaii (representing the Eastsidaz Gym). At the previous Super Brawl event, Ring choked out Malone’s student, Kimo Woelfel. Coming off a big win at the K-1 World Grand Prix, Malone was looking to avenge his student’s loss. Ring, however, had different plans and scored the TKO at 3:04 of round 1. Ring’s record now jumps to 5-0. In all exciting events.
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2005 KRANE Nationals

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SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 2005 at the target=”_blank”>Johnson & Wales Inn
213 Taunton Ave, Seekonk, Massachusetts 02771, USA
Eliminations for the 2005 KRANE Nationals will begin at 8:30 A.M. SHARP!
For further information contact: KRANE.ORG (207) 477-2748 FAX (207) 477-2641 E-MAIL – COGLI@METROCAST.NET
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Happy Halloween!!

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Happy Halloween!!

Many thanks to Bram Gallagher for the use of his work.

Wushu dominates East Asian Games

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Olympic event boxing isn’t here, but you won’t miss bloody fights and gravity-defying action in the East Asian Games. Out of 17 medal sports in the Macao Games, three are about fighting: wushu, or Chinese kungfu, karate and taekwondo. Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Jet Li have made Chinese martial arts better known to the world and these movie stars have helped wushu become a serious sport. Asian martial arts account for nearly one-fifth of the 234 goldmedals up for grabs in Macao. Wushu has 19 as the third gold-richest sport in the East Asian Games, after swimming/diving (52) and athletics (45). Macao had its first pay day for its costly nine-year preparation for the games as wushu master Huang Yanhui won the games’ first gold medal from the women’s Nanquan, or southern boxing.
More golds are set to come from wushu and dragon boat races although it had won only one gold from the previous three editions. The 24-year-old Huang dazzled the audience and the judges with a fast and furious display of southern Chinese fist fighting to hold off her five rivals. Wushu derives from a wide variety of ancient Chinese martial arts with a distinctive oriental culture and can be traced back to 3000B.C.. As a sport, wushu is composed of two disciplines: Taolu (routines) and Sanshou (combat). Wushu combined a unique competitiveness with healthy values and as such, the sport has developed internationally. In 1990, the International Wushu Federation was established and four years later it was recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). IOC President Jacques Rogge has told Beijing Olympic organizers that wushu would not be part of the 2008 program. But to comfort the Chinese, who have been trying for the past decade to persuade the IOC to accept wushu as an official Olympic event, Rogge said there will be an international wushu competitionorganized by the Beijing Olympic organizers.

Positive People Day?!

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I’ve just seen the most bizarre commercial that I had to run to the computer and see if it was real or not. While this iUnderDog!s not really related to the Martial Arts it had to be shared! The web site, VictoryOverViolence.org is calling today ‘Positive People Day’. They make the following suggestions for today…

On Positive People Day, October 29th, reach out to others with simple acts of kindness:
[ ] Smile (often)
[ ] Give a hug
[ ] Thank someone
[ ] Pay an unexpected compliment
[ ] Share a laugh or a kind word
[ ] Call your mother or a loved one

Now I think the idea is pretty good, though a little over the top, their commercial is whacked! If you dig a little further you start to get the feeling something isn’t right. Seems the focus of the site is to sell this book though it does say that all the proceeds will benefit the victoryoverviolence.org movement. Well if they say it, it must be true! It is important to note that this group IS NOT with the known legitimate Victory Over Violence group (VoV.com). While I’m not making a judgement call here, one does seem more legitimate then the other, but if you want the book I guess it doesn’t matter! If you want to support a group against violence, then I would urge you to support the real Victory Over Violence group, (VoV.com).

Chen Tai Chi Master in Canada for a Limited Time

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Prof. Wang Zheng-Hua, a Tai Chi Master in the Chen style began a three month tour of Canada yesterday. Visiting Brandon he offered lessons in the Chen style which employs both fast and slow movements. Master Wang learned the Chen style from the direct descendents of its original founder. Master Wang’s interpreter and sponsor, Michael Shen explained it was a great honor to bring him to Canada. During his time in Canada, Master Wang will give lessons in several select cities — Vancouver, Calgary, Victoria, Winnipeg, Montreal and Brandon.
Shen, who visits Brandon periodically to teach a form of meditation called Qigong (pronounce chee-gong), made an extra effort to bring Wang to the Wheat City. The students that attended found the Chen style very challenging despite the fact that Master Wang made it appear effortless! As Master Wang took them through a relatively simple routine, the attending students struggled to keep up. “Try to master how to relax,” Wang advised them before demonstrating a more advanced series of moves. “That’s all,” he said with a wry smile. “Isn’t that simple?” Not so much, as it turns out!
His slow, graceful movements captivated their eyes, almost lulling them into a passive state, before he snapped them out of it with a swift, high kick, slapping his hands to his foot above his head. In another routine, Wang shifted his weight onto one leg, performed a series of waving motions with his arms, and then simultaneously slapped his fist into his palm and stomped the ground in a single, quick — and loud — motion. The contrasts are part of the underlying philosophy of the Chen style, Wang explained. “The philosophy is a basic Chinese philosophy called yi-jing, which means time of change,” he said through his interpreter. While tai chi involves physical movements, Shen said the best instructors also teach their students about the underlying mental discipline required to perfect the art. By combining the mental and the physical, tai chi improves overall health, according to Wang. Practising tai chi helps prevent the effects of aging, Wang added, and can help with other ailments as well. In addition, the martial art provides an insight into another way of life.

October 7th – World Smile Day

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2005 World Smile Day This is the 7th World Smile Day! Based out of Worcester, MA, USA, the Harvey Ball World Smile Foundation is run by none other then Harvey Ball, a commercial artist from Worcester, Massachusetts and none other then the man who created the smiley face in 1963! He started World Smile Day so that we, all of us, could devote one day each year to smiles and kind acts throughout that world. Perhaps it will be contagious and we will continue the practice more then once a year!! Since the Martial Arts are about inner peace AND the 2005 Honorary Smile Ambassador is none other then Jackie Chan…bonus! So please go forth and make sure you give someone a smile, who knows the experience might make you smile.