Merry Christmas Eve

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May all of our readers have a Merry and Blessed Christmas season.  Tomorrow as we begin the Christmas celebration let us all reflect on how fortunate we are, for we are all fortunate in some way regardless of our situation.  May God’s Grace spread around the world and fill the hearts of Man with goodwill and peace.


Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas…Eve…

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Merry Christmas



My favorite holiday is almost here!  Christmas was, is and always will be my favorite holiday.  No not because of the present (though that is a nice touch) it is because of the spirit of Christmas.  If that doesn’t make sense then I am sorry to say you don’t have it…the Spirit that is.  But that is easy to get some Christmas spirit, just open your heart and be kind to someone, that is a great start.  You never know you might like it!  Well that was random, it has been a very long week, I just wanted to take a moment and wish all my readers (regardless of your religious persuasion) a Merry Christmas!



Merry Christmas Cookies!

Can You Say Merry Christmas?

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This post is a bit stream of consciousness and a bit reflection.  I was out Christmas shopping today, people were pleasant enough but not once did anyone say Merry Christmas, not once did anyone say Happy Holiday’s, it was kind of sad.  It didn’t make me sad, it just seemed sad.  Have we become so disconnected or are we so afraid of offending someone?  I wished everyone a Merry Christmas that I spoke with today and the majority reacted surprised but happy.  The only note of Christmas Spirit I have seen so far has been in two Salvation Army red bucket collectors.  One was so filled with the Spirit of Christmas that he still has me smiling more than a day later.  Why?  He was standing in the cold, singing Christmas/Religious songs, opening the door for people and wishing them a good day.  He had such an impact I almost wonder if he was an Angel to be able to impart such goodwill in such a casual way.  I hope everyone gets to experience that this season, but it will never happen if we don’t share a little cheer with each other.  Then while reflecting on these happenings I saw this video (see below) which has nothing to do with Christmas, it is actually an advertisement, it does give pause to the idea that even the smallest gesture can have an enormous impact.


Remember that Merry Christmas is not reserved for the day or so around Dec. 25th, it the greeting we use during this season to say hello and goodbye, to help us remember the reason for the season and to spread good cheer.

May the Blessing of this season be upon you, Merry Christmas.

Pearl Harbor Day

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This is a day should be remembered by everyone but especially Martial Artists as a reminder to always be vigilant.



Happy Thanksgiving

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Happy Halloween

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Save the Treats!

This Halloween support the local Treat Strike as a way of not eating candy and junk food.  Everyone love Halloween candy but does the candy really love you?  (even though Halloween isn’t a real holiday) Halloween begins the Holiday season which brings with it a plethora of foods and goodies that are anything but helpful to your training or your waistline.  Moderation is the key, however, when it comes to sweets there is a certain addictive quality which makes our bodies crave more and more.  Anyone who has cut sugar and sweets from their diet for a time and then had some can attest to this.  So perhaps this season you can start out right by supporting the Treats and respecting their Strike!


Fact of the Day: Confucius

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Confucius (551-479 BC) was a famous philosopher and teacher who lived in China nearly 2,500 years ago. His teachings were based on treating others in the same way as you treat yourself. He believed that peace and harmony are achieved by avoiding drastic action or wild thinking. He taught wisdom, love, courage, care, respect, and unselfishness. The Chinese and many other people have followed his doctrines for centuries. Confucius is the Latinized name of Kung-futzu. September 28 is still widely observed in East Asia as Confucius’ birthday. It is an official holiday, “Teachers’ Day,” in Taiwan.

Life is Fragile

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Given that this is the anniversary of the Sept. 11th attack, I thought this image would be appropriate.

This is a sticker I found from when I was a kid, a long time ago.  But it reminds me of what we any of us that were old enough probably though on 9/11, life is fragile.  As time recedes we tend to forget these lessons, we tend to forget that life can change in an instant.  Honestly we live in a very safe society, but that does not mean there is no danger or we do not need to be vigilant in our protect of the fragile life we hold so dear.  So remember to handle your life and the life of others with care, because life is fragile and none of us know how long we will have it.

Happy Easter

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Happy Easter to everyone!  I found this excellent post that speaks to the meaning of Easter that I hope everyone will read.  While I enjoy the Easter Bunny as much as the next person, all to often we forget the real ‘reason for the season’.  So please on this most Holy day (even more so than Christmas for us Catholics) take a moment and reflect on what this day really means for all of us.