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Play with Their Mind!

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Sometimes it is just plain old fun to play with people’s minds. Don’t know why but this video amuses me…I think it is because of the crash… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Frozen People Skills

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This is an interesting experiment/prank that was carried out in Grand Central Station in New York City. 207 people froze for 5 minutes and held their position without moving or outward reaction to their surroundings. At least one of the frozen people was poked by someone trying to figure this out. So why is this of interest to a Martial Artist? For one it is a great display of self-control! Self-control is one of the cornerstones of Martial Arts training, without it we stand little chance of success. Yet many practitioners give it little attention. One drill I have done with my students is to have them freeze on command when practising. This can be done with almost any form including sparring and can be a great instructional tool. This helps the student learn to control their motor functions for instant response. Once frozen it is trivial for you to point out any mistakes in form but more importantly it is easy for the student to “see” their own mistakes. To often their is a mental gap between what we are told and what we preceive to be the truth, freeze training can help bridge that gap. Combine with the lesson of fine motor skill control and perfection of form, freeze training is a win-win combination! For fun though watch the video, perhaps you will think of some other uses for freeze training, regardless it is amusing!

There is another lesson here that deals with how people react to behavior they do not expect. In the video I don’t see anyone calling the police or actively attempting to figure out why the people aren’t moving. Personally I can think of a few things I would have tried, like going through one of their purses or pulling out someone’s wallet!! If they didn’t move then I’d have to seriously consider calling the authorities as then I’d have something concrete to give them! It would have been interesting to see the reaction of one of the frozen people to this type of reaction, since that is something they wouldn’t expect! In any situation doing what isn’t expected is usually a good thing because it can often give you enough of an advantage to either win or escape. Just a thought…

Happy Father’s Day

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This was to funny to pass up! Hope you enjoy this timeless classic ๐Ÿ™‚

Now I’ve seen it all!…Karate Dog…

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Well I haven’t seen it yet, no one has…Karate Dog is a silly ABC Family Movie that will air May 29th…and yes I will probably watch it!!

A Fitness Perspective…

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Unfit - An American Problem!
Reprinted here with the permission of our friend Mike Belkin.

This cartoon does a great job of pointing out the perspective of many people today. They lack the long term vision of their health and the impacts their decisions today will have on their health tomorrow. As human beings we tend to have a lack of perspective about ourselves which gives an illusion of our world instead of the reality. Illusions are attractive but dangerous if you loose site of reality. Illusions allow us to ignore dangerous situations (overeating, drugs, laziness, etc) and fall into a cycle of self abuse. Find your reality today and To thy own self be true!

Bruce Lee vs. The Karate Kid!

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I couldn’t resist!


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Be Prepared

Don’t Use Drugs…

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This is by far one of the best anti-drug ads that I have seen.

It makes a strong message is a funny and memorable way, drugs kill brain cells. I could go on but think I’ll let the video do the talking ๐Ÿ˜‰
In case you missed the message…Cannabis, High for a night, Slow for a Month…maybe even longer…

Crime Deterrent!

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Most of you have probably seen this but it is worth seeing again..


This Video demonstrates the principle that everything is a weapon! While it does it rather amusingly (actually I find the video hilarious) it does make the point that when prepared and in the right frame of mind almost anything can be a tool for self-defense and thus a Crime Deterrent! Source

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving