Mixed Martial Arts…Win

Sensei Post in Competition, Reviews, Training notes

At the recent Eagles combatant tournament three soldiers won big using the mixed martial arts techniques they learned in their training. The article goes on to discuss the benefits of mixed martial arts training. Is there really anything new here? Most of the ‘newer’ martial art styles are simpy new styles that chose alacarte from the best of other styles. This doesn’t necessarily make them better. I think there is a large question of training. Hmmm guys from the military won! Could it be they take their training a little more seriously? Another possible anwer is that when people compete they have certain expectations given the style of their opponent. In having preconcienved ideas of what their opponent might do they tend to prejudge and thereby underestimate their opponent. If I spar with someone who practices Tae Kwon Do then I expect more kicks, if they suddenly hit me with a flurry of hand moves I might be caught off gaurd. I’m not saying these guys aren’t good, just the emphasis on the mixed martial arts might be misplaced.

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