Getting Ready to Launch

Sensei Post in Site_News

Well we are getting there. Of the 50+ requests for reviews we sent out we got about 30 responses!! Thank you to everyone for taking the time to really look over our site design and give us your honest opinions. We have begun implementing some of the suggestions we recieved and hope to have them all in place by the end of this week (7/15/05).
Some of the changes that will be most noticable include the increase in our available real estate. The removal of the side bar menu and addition of a customizations option to the sites top menu. Once all this is complete our work really begins!! With a solid design we will begin customizing the look and feel of ALL the functionality the site will offer. This will insure that the ‘branding’ is easily recognizable regardless of what you use the site for. Expect regular updates to this category so you can track our progress.

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