Follow-Up: NY Martial Arts Regulation

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As a follow up to yesterday’s post which mentions the recent (yet unconfirmed) Law in NY restricting the practice of Martial Arts to approved organizations. Back on May 17, 2005 This story [PDF] outlined one of the reasons for this move by the State of New York. In short, due to the recent rash of child molestation cases involving Martial Arts instructors the legislator decided they need to look like they were doing something. And when Legislators decide to do something it usually create more red tape and tax drains. This is another example of an unnecessary Law. How can you say that!? What of the children!?

Relax; we are not promoting the abuse or neglect of children, far from it. Most states already have plenty of laws that restrict the contact of child molesters and children, regardless of the venue. Perhaps, we could enforce some of these laws. Additionally, there are always the undetected, haven’t been caught yet predators. In most cases this Law will not expose those filthy individuals either. Remember, most Laws only catch/stop criminals after they commit a crime, not much help in protecting your children. Look at how well Regulation works; protecting foster children, children in State custody and the handicap from abuse and you will be sorely disappointed.

So what is a parent or guardian to do? Be suspicious. We have covered this ground here before but it bears repeating. Be careful who you leave your children with. Be suspicious of every adult that wants to spend an unusual amount of time alone with your child. Remember that our children are the most precious things in our lives. It is our job to protect them. Speak up. If you see something that looks suspicious it just might be! If it isn’t your child, it could be. This is how most criminals are caught; by people turning them in to the police. These people are often the victims but more often parents that feel something isn’t right.

If you have ever sparred with a blindfold on, you quickly learn to trust your senses and instincts. Trust them with your children and you will both probably be safe. Trust a Law and you’ll have some nice recourse while you are in therapy or worse the funeral home.

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