Viewing the Assault on Self-Defense

Sensei Post in Self-Defense

I just read the article Assault on Self-Defense. I strongly suggest the reading, the article is well written and to the point. The topic deals with Self-Defense with a Gun, or Gun Control for the PC phrase. The author did a great job of not sounding like a zealot yourself but instead exposed the real irrational gun-control zealots. I hope to follow up with additional posts about this subject relating to what happens after gun-control. I don’t mean crime statistics, those speak for themselves. What I hope to focus on is the need to expand the control and further restrict our ability to defend ourselves once guns are out of the way. Case and point was a call from Medical Doctors in England a year ago for the ban and outlaw of knife sales for non-domestic use! Now a year later the knife-control movement continues to gain strength. This story from Glaskow states "As well as longer sentences, Justice Minister Cathy Jamieson wants to ban the sale of swords and license shops which sell knives for non-domestic use."!! Next on the agenda are baseball bats and clubs. It is time for people to wake up and see that just like ancient China/Asia soon it will be illegal to train in the Martial Arts, if the statistics support the idea! This won’t happen today or tomorrow, however, our children one day may have to train illegally in fear and secret as so many did in ancient China.
Don’t think that is possible? Well I’m sure you would never believe a law could pass that "makes any martial art event not sanctioned by an organization on an approved list illegal"! Where you ask? The New York State legislature in Albany passed this Law, right here in the USA, bastion of freedom. Read it for yourself, I have emailed the authors to get a direct reference to the Law in question and will post that information or lack there of when I receive it.
With all of these issues one can call upon obscure situations to support either side, however, it should be logic, reason and belief in self that should guide us. If you had a gun would use it willy nilly? Or would you carry it for protection to only using it in the most extreme life or death situations? That’s what I thought…!

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