Fear of Identity Theft slow Internet commerce

Sensei Post in Identity Theft

It is sad but true, and if it isn’t well the media is going to do its part to make it a reality! Since the ecommerce has seen steady growth every year it must be stopped! After all the media doesn’t seem to support anything positive, watch the news. So there are numerous stories floating around the press stating that all these ID Theft stories are having a negative impact on Internet sales (ecommerce). While this could be true I hope it is not. What the media should do is spend more time educating the public on how to protect themselves like the previous CNet article we covered. Alas, as we reported here, ecommerce transactions are among the safest you can make. While it would be very painful to have to reconstruct your credit and prove your innocence if someone stole and used your identity most of the measures out there are there to protect big business, not John Does checking account. So be vigilant with your personal data, keep shopping online and remember that if you still hold your credit card you are not even responsible for the first $50.00 of fraudulent charges! Chances are if your credit card data gets lost, it is the credit card company who lost it! Shop On…OSU!

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