Identity Theft hits Science Museum Patrons

Sensei Post in Identity Theft

Parents online The Science Museum is about to host an exhibition examining how a new wave of ‘identity burglars’ can steal our lives through technology. Developed with security company McAfee, the ‘Digital You’ exhibition will run for two months from 8 November, and is free to attend. At the exhibition visitors will see how their identities are increasingly being expressed virtually via stored documents and pictures, online profiles, passwords and surfing preferences. The event will explore how everyone’s digital identities are vulnerable to attack, through the hi-jacking of computers, viruses and from cloning of their online identity. Visitors will see how they can keep their personal information and identities more secure.
Hannah Redler, Arts Project Curator at the Science Museum, said: “From teenagers who play and chat online to adults who shop, bank and work via their computers and mobile devices, virtual identities are constantly being created and yet are increasingly left exposed. “We welcomed the opportunity to [bring] to life a traditionally technical subject for our visitors.”
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