Jackie Chan — New Police Story and more…

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The Word is Out! From Jackie Chan himself! On his online journal Jackis Chan drops word that he is finishing up the dubbing of the New Police Story

In the Studio

however don’t look for it in North American theaters in 2006. It seems the movie was purchased with the intent of filming an American version, hopefully they will release the dubbed version on DVD in 2006. Jackie Chan also mentions that he is in talks with DreamWorks Studio’s about his involvement with a upcoming animated film. This has been in preparation for a long time, and is scheduled to release in 2008. The film is about Chinese Kung Fu, and of course there will be a lot of Chinese background and culture as well. Jackie Chan stops short of giving the title of the movie stating “I will not say what the film’s name is now, because that would be revealing another company’s trade secret…” however rumor has it they will call the movie “Kung Fu Panda“.

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