Positive People Day?!

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I’ve just seen the most bizarre commercial that I had to run to the computer and see if it was real or not. While this iUnderDog!s not really related to the Martial Arts it had to be shared! The web site, VictoryOverViolence.org is calling today ‘Positive People Day’. They make the following suggestions for today…

On Positive People Day, October 29th, reach out to others with simple acts of kindness:
[ ] Smile (often)
[ ] Give a hug
[ ] Thank someone
[ ] Pay an unexpected compliment
[ ] Share a laugh or a kind word
[ ] Call your mother or a loved one

Now I think the idea is pretty good, though a little over the top, their commercial is whacked! If you dig a little further you start to get the feeling something isn’t right. Seems the focus of the site is to sell this book though it does say that all the proceeds will benefit the victoryoverviolence.org movement. Well if they say it, it must be true! It is important to note that this group IS NOT with the known legitimate Victory Over Violence group (VoV.com). While I’m not making a judgement call here, one does seem more legitimate then the other, but if you want the book I guess it doesn’t matter! If you want to support a group against violence, then I would urge you to support the real Victory Over Violence group, (VoV.com).

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