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Pat Morita a.k.a. Mr. Miyagi

Actor Pat Morita, most famous for his role as “Mr Miyagi” in the Karate Kid movies has passed away. His wife, Evelyn, says Morita died Thanksgiving Day of natural causes at his home in Las Vegas. Morita first rose to fame with a role on “Happy Days” in the 1970s. He appeared in dozens of T-V shows and movies, including “Honeymoon in Vegas” and “The Center of the World.” But it was his role in the 1984 blockbuster, “The Karate Kid,” that would define his career and spawn three sequels. The son of migrant fruit pickers, Morita was born in northern California in 1932. He spent much of World War Two in a Japanese-American internment camp. Morita will be buried at Palm Green Valley Mortuary and Cemetery in Nevada. He is survived by his wife and three daughters from a previous marriage.

This is a sad day for the Martial Arts world. Despite the fact that Pat Morita was never involved in the martial arts he did much to promote the prominence it enjoys today. In the first Karate Kid, Pat Morita captured the true spirit of Karate Training, for that I personally will always be grateful. It is with a sad heart for his families loss that I make these statements.

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