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Laptop stolen from aerospace company holding personal information on employees. Boeing announced on Friday, November 18, that personal information on 161,000 current and former employees was put at risk of exposure with the theft of a laptop computer belonging to a company human-resources employee. The exposed information includes names, Social Security numbers and, for some, birth dates, bank names and account numbers. Also on the stolen computer are some employees’ home addresses and bank-account routing numbers for direct-deposit paychecks. Boeing said it has no evidence that the theft, which took place away from Boeing’s offices, has resulted in any information being revealed.
It said there was no classified, supplier, customer, engineering or material financial information on the computer. It’s very possible no one has accessed the data, and even if they did, it would be quite an effort to put it together in a usable format,” said spokesperson Tim
Neale. The computer is password-protected, though the data on it isn’t encrypted, he said.
Convenient for them to think there isn’t a problem because it would be difficult to compile the data on this unecrypted, non-password protected system! Glad to see our defense industry takes security so seriously, perhaps that is why China has made so many technology advances recently.
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