Identity theft continues to grow

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Identity thieves, some acting alone and others well-organized, are fleecing Americans out of billions of dollars each year, participants were told Wednesday at an annual conference of the South Dakota Housing Development Authority. Even tiny scraps of information, such as someone’s name or address, can be enough of a start for wily crooks to gain access to bank accounts and other financial holdings, said Robert Douglas, chief executive officer of Privacy Today, a Colorado-based firm that provides consulting services on data security and identity fraud. Douglas said identity fraud is flourishing because many people are gullible or careless with information that can be used to steal money, stalk the unsuspecting or even provide targets and financing for terrorists.
Like in most cases of defense it is the victims trusting nature, gullibility or carelessness that often puts them in harms way. Awareness training is what is lacking. Parents should be teaching their children to be more aware of the dangers in the world, I’m sure the parents who have had their idenitity stolen will!

Kumiai-Ryu Team Members Take National Titles

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Parkes,New South Wales,Australia
The titles saw Kumiai-Ryu members from all around the country come together to compete in many varied events, including individual kata, weapons kata, demonstrations, grappling, point sparring, semi contact and ultimate restricted sparring (full contact kickboxing).
All events were run in both weight and grade divisions. Results for team members were as follows:

  • Les Bevan – second semi contact sparring, third individual kata.
  • Mitchell Bevan – first grappling, third individual kata.
  • Ben Bevan – third point sparring.
  • Sheamus Byrne – second Semi contact sparring, fourth point sparring.
  • Casey Byrne – third grappling, fourth point sparring, fourth semi contact sparring.
  • Nathan Schulze – first grappling.
  • Gus Cheney – second grappling.
  • Natasha Crouch – first point sparring, second grappling, third semi contact sparring, first demonstration event, runner up ultimate restricted.
  • Rob Weaver – first point sparring, first semi contact sparring, first demonstration event.
  • Jason O’Leary – first individual kata, third semi contact sparring.
  • Tony Gatt – first demonstration event.

A big Congratulations…OSU!!

Safeway Discloses Security Breach

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Monterey Herald (CA) — Safeway Inc. has notified employees in California that their personal information may have been compromised when a company laptop was stolen from a manager’s home in August. The computer contained reports that included names, Social Security numbers, hire dates and work locations of employees in California and Hawaii, according to a company letter sent to current and former employees dated October 14. No employees have reported problems with their credit since they became aware of the situation, according to Safeway representatives. The computer was protected with a power on password.
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ICON Sports – Opposites Attract Results

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KJ Noons and Nick Ring, two of the four winners selected from the PRIDE FIGHTING U.S. AUDITIONS last November, were victorious at the ICON Sports “Opposites Attract” event, held last Friday, October 28th at the Blaisdell Arena in Honolulu, Hawaii. Noons faced off against one of Hawaii’s top lightweight fighters in Harris “The Hitman” Sarmiento. Fighting out of Waipahu, Hawaii and representing the 808 Fight Factory, Sarmiento proved to be a difficult challenge as he withstood repeated striking barrages by Noons before succumbing by TKO at 4:37 of round 3. Noons improved his record to 4-1. Nick Ring of Calgary, Alberta took on Mike Malone of Waimanalo, Hawaii (representing the Eastsidaz Gym). At the previous Super Brawl event, Ring choked out Malone’s student, Kimo Woelfel. Coming off a big win at the K-1 World Grand Prix, Malone was looking to avenge his student’s loss. Ring, however, had different plans and scored the TKO at 3:04 of round 1. Ring’s record now jumps to 5-0. In all exciting events.
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Krav Maga…Sweeping the World…Should It!?!

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Krav Maga (krahv ma-GAH) is gaining popularity daily but what is so special about Krav Maga compared to other self-defense training? Krav Maga can boast credits from Jennifer Lopez’s movie Enough and has many training centers around the globe. But does this really make Krav Maga the best Self-Defense training system available? Or, is KravEnough! Maga just an incredible marketing device to get people to take self-defense classes? Well that is what we need to explore. As a proponent of self-defense I feel it is important that EVERYONE should take self-defense classes. That statement is made because this is an examination of Krav Maga training and not the fact that Krav Maga promotes taking self-defense, in that we agree.

Reading about Krav Maga leaves one with visions of training and then joining a Mercenary force to go and combat the evils of the world! Their descriptions are truly empowering. Interestingly, like Martial Arts training Krav Maga divides their training into levels of advancement. Each level focuses on increasingly difficult self-defense scenarios. The premise here is that only Krav Maga teaches the student to use their natural reactions to thwart an attacker. So is there really that much of a difference from other self-defense classes? The answer is NO. I can see no difference between Krav Maga and the self-defense classes I have taught for over 15 years. Krav Maga seems much more interested in the experience of learning Krav Maga. Does this mean students do not get quality instruction? No, I am sure many instructors are excellent and as I said some form of self-defense exposure is better then none. So my opinion is that Krav Maga is no better or worse then any other self-defense program however it by far utilizes a superior marketing program then any other self-defense program available. The problem with this marketing approach is it tends to devalue other self-defense training in the eyes of the consumer, unfortunate if they decide not to take a class because it isn’t the popular Krav Maga!

So how good is it really? The Official Krav Maga web site hosts a few videos showing how their training would handle different given situations. Take a moment and look at this video clip demonstrating how to defend against a Gun to the side of head. At first glance this appears to be a good escape from the situation. In my assessment that is False. Why? In the video the woman takes to long to move the gun away from her head, she also blocks the gun in the wrong direction. Her block also moves the gun down and across her body. The block forms a large circular motion which wastes precious time. If the woman blocks the gun the way she did and we assume the person pulls the trigger then the gun would go off in front of her face. The result of that would most likely be temporary blindness from the muzzle flash. Also once the gun is blocked it is point down however it is between her and the attacker, if the gun is raised slightly in the altercation she will be shot in the leg or body. To think that the attacker will not pull the trigger is naive. In a real event this woman would have been relying more on luck than skill. The proper sequence would have blocked the gun out and away while moving her body (and head) in the opposite direction and in towards the attacker while executing the counter attacks as demonstrated.
So is Krav Maga the ultimate self-defense? Not as demonstrated on their own web site but it is one great marketing campaign!

2005 KRANE Nationals

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SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 2005 at the target=”_blank”>Johnson & Wales Inn
213 Taunton Ave, Seekonk, Massachusetts 02771, USA
Eliminations for the 2005 KRANE Nationals will begin at 8:30 A.M. SHARP!
For further information contact: KRANE.ORG (207) 477-2748 FAX (207) 477-2641 E-MAIL – COGLI@METROCAST.NET
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Sweat for Sweats Program – a great idea!

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New Brunswick,NJ,USA
Teens and adults were among those who attended the Sweat For Sweats program held at Perth Amboy High School last week. Participants donated sweat suits in exchange for a free two-hour self-defense course taught by Guerrero, an instructor at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts Academy in Verona. The sweats were given to area domestic violence shelters. Sweat for Sweats was sponsored by Project SOUL (Sisters Overcoming and United in Leadership), an initiative of the Jewish Renaissance Foundation’s School-Based Youth Services Program, which brings comprehensive support to teens. During the Sweat for Sweats program, participants learned a few tips on how to protect themselves in the event of an attack. In the process they reported having fun in a safe environment.
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Originally we ran into some problems with the email creation process, which I am glad to report we resolved last night!! So that means that by early next week you will be able to create a free email address. These first accounts will only be a forward to your real account. We are continuing to work out the problems provisioning email accounts offering webmail access and all the bells and whistles. Hopefully this will be done by the end of next week however the payment interface looks to be difficult at best! Love a good challenge:)
Other site features in the works include the Dojo/Event directory listings, User forms and much more. Stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted. Watch for the email announcement and sign-up today!!

How easy is it to steal someone’s identity?

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Slashdot, a popular technology news blog, is running this discussion on what can really be done without a social security number. Most of the posted comments trend towards the juvenile however there are enough insightful posts to make it worth perusing. Many of the ideas and views presented help to illustrate the problem we have in protecting ourselves from Identity Theft. Unfortunately in discussing this topic the information is usually as beneficial to criminals as it is to people attempting to protect themselves, however, the criminal mind will undoubtedly figure this out regardless. An interesting comment was about the ease with which Identity information (social security number, mother’s maiden name, DOB, POB, etc) was elicited from University students with the simple offer of some trinkets! What better person’s identity to steal then a budding college student!
This line of thinking brings me full circle back to the Martial Arts and Self-Defense, you are never to young to begin awareness training. Parents take note, the earlier your child begins awareness training the less likely they will fall for a similar scam or find themselves in a hostile situation. How does this relate to Identity Theft, awareness is the first line of defense in any type of protective maneuvers. Awareness of your surroundings and those round you will often serve to thwart most attacks, including a social attack to gain your identity! So the next time someone offers you a free t-shirt to give up your identity, think about it first! And for all you adults reading this, it is never to late to start your own awareness training!

Karate World Championships

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Karate World Championships begins this weekend in Niagara Falls, ON. Canada. The Competition runs from Nov. 5-10.

Karate World Championship