10 Kids, 10 Medals Perfect Achievement at Nationals!

Sensei Post in Competition

Ten Karate Kids from Tairyoku Shotokan Karate Club won against some of the best in the country in the discipline. No small feat at any competition! This Bierton-based karate club achieved what could be called a perfect 10 at the National Kyu Grade Championships.
Two youngsters, Olivia Coulton and Graham Long, won gold medals in Kumite in their age groups at Slough on November 20.
Roll of honour: Kata: Shavarna Standley, silver; Chas Mallard, bronze; Jason Proctor, silver; Paul Hems, bronze.
Kumite: Olivia Coulton, gold; Graham Long, gold; Shavarna Standley, bronze; Chas Mallard, silver; Jason Proctor, silver; Gareth Ball, bronze. Four days later, the club had its Kyu Grading, held by chief instructor Sensei Ohta, a 6th Dan, where 68 students took their grading examinations where 11 students advanced their rank.
It is nice to see news like this of a club with a large group of dedicated instructors and students. Kudos from the Karate Training.org Staff.

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