Furthering the Police State

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New Jersey county acquires the state’s first Ballistic Engineered Armored Response Vehicle. The Hudson County, NJ, Sheriff’s Department debuted a new 16,000-pound armored vehicle last month, complete with seven gun ports and a host of other features designed for police and rescue work. Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise and Hudson County Sheriff Joe Cassidy announced the acquisition of what is called a Ballistic Engineered Armored Response Vehicle (BEAR). County spokesperson Jim Kennelly said, “It is over 15 tons of high-tech ballistic steel that offers wrap-around explosive and projectile protection. Our vehicle is capable of withstanding just about anything up to a low-yield nuclear weapon.” This vehicle is one of the most popular new weapons in urban police and rescue, and has become an industry standard for first responder and military units. The vehicle is the first of its kind in New Jersey, and is also currently in use by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department as well as the United States Air Force. The vehicle is sizeable enough to carry 12-fully equipped Special Weapons And Tactics officers inside and can be used in any number of situations such as an armed confrontation, a barricaded suspect, or hostage crisis.
Can anyone think of a reason why the police would need equipment like this? If the mission of the police is to protect and serve… This is obviously a military vehicle, which would mean that the police are becoming a paramilitary organization. Coming from a Law Enforcement family I find it of great concern that no one seems to think there is a problem with this! People forget that the police are supposed to call the National Guard in the event they need a vehicle plated with armor and explosive panels. By the way the express function of the explosive panels is to act as a counter measure to missile or tank munition rounds, blowing out and negating the incoming missile. So I ask again why do the police need this as it is certainly NOT for self-defense or defense of the people they “serve”. I could easily go on for hours and may in fact come back to this topic when I have the time. I look forward to any thoughts or comments you might have…
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