Karate Helps Heal Family Wounds

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Martins Ferry, OH, USA
A tragic story for one Ohio family is finally behind them though a long road is still ahead. This tragedy began on June 3, 2004 when Brian Long was shot twice in the garage of his home, once in the stomach and once in the arm by an intruder. Months later he faced an even more tragic revelation when he found out the shooting was paid for by his wife, Leslie Long. Leslie had paid her lover,John Walter Jaworski, $5,000.00 to kill her husband, he in turn hired Richard Cavanaugh to carry out the murder for hire. The motive, insurance money. Luckily Brian Long survived and is now helping his two children, Tyler, 11, and Courtney, 8, recover from all of this.

Where does Karate come in to this story? Here… Since their family was injured Brian has been spending every spare moment with his children. Brian Long joined his son Tyler in his study of Chunkukpo Karate at Precision Martial Arts in St. Clairsville. It is now their mutual passion and allowing them to fight through their pain together. In October, they both became first-degree black belts. ”He (Tyler) was in karate long before the other stuff happened, so it was easy for him to maintain his focus,” Brian Long said. ”The first-degree black belt is just the beginning. Someday, he could be a seventh- or eighth-degree black belt.” The pride Brian feels for his son is apparent when he speaks of his Martial Arts accomplishments. He said his son’s skills are well beyond his age, and he is proud his son is a black belt at only 11 years of age. ”It’s not an easy task,” Brian Long said. ”There is a lot of mental and physical testing. It’s a predetermined set of moves you have to memorize and there are seven forms. There are a lot of mental aspects to it. I spar with black belts my size. He did spar with an adult. He held his own. He’s a skinny little kid. By the time he is in his 20s, he will be a machine. He’s pretty pumped, and that’s a big accomplishment for an 11-year-old.”
As for Brian daughter she is trying to decide between dance or karate, but Brian Long said. ”She wants to get involved in dance or karate. She is not sure yet, so there may be a third.” We wish the world of peace to Brian, Tyler and Courtney as they move forward with their life along with such positive attitudes. OSU!
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