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Sensei Post in Identity Theft

Customers’ lost bank information found. A wayward computer tape that contained personal data for more than two million LaSalle Bank mortgage customers has been safely returned after turning up amid a mound of unmarked packages. After a month of fruitless searching, an employee of the DHL courier service found an unopened package in a stash of parcels in Wilmington, OH, that had lost their identifying air bills, bank officials said Tuesday, December 20. When workers opened the package, they found the computer tape and a return address and shipped it back to LaSalle Bank subsidiary ABM AMRO Mortgage Group Inc., where it arrived on Monday, December 19. This ended the month-long mystery of what happened to millions of names, addresses, Social Security numbers and other bits of information that were lost in transit from Chicago to Texas. ABN AMRO officials said there’s no reason to suspect the package was opened or otherwise tampered with, but the company cannot guarantee the tape didn’t get into the wrong hands during the four weeks it was missing.
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