Fake Credit Card Alert Seeks Your Information

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This story serves as a reminder to always verify communications that ask for your personal data.
Trojan blitz poses as credit card warning. Businesses in the United Kingdom faced a barrage of 115,000 e-mails containing a new Trojan on Friday, January 20, before anti-virus vendors scrambled out an update, according to e-mail filtering firm BlackSpider Technologies. The Trojan downloader malware — called Agent-ADO — comes in the payload to a message that poses as a warning about a user’s credit card limits being exceeded. BlackSpider detected the malware at 9:10 a.m. GMT Friday, January 20. But it was three-and-a-half hours before the first anti-virus vendor used by BlackSpider issued a patch, once again illustrating the shortcomings of conventional anti-virus scanners in fighting fast-moving virus outbreaks. Infected emails commonly have the subject line “ERROR:YOUR CREDIT CARD OVERDRAFT EXCEED!” and an infected attachment, a packed executable file called FILE1185 which is 5592 bytes long. Analysis of the malware is ongoing. System administrators are encouraged to set up rules to block the malware at the gateway. Virus writers commonly use networks of compromised PCs to seed infection over a short space of time but the ferocity of the latest attack is unusual.
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Fear Factor…A Martial Arts Contestent.

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Johannesburg,South Africa
This seasons Fear Factor begins to find South Africa’s toughest contestant. Contestants include Martial Arts Obed Shimange who is a fruit and vegetable hawker. He practices karate and enjoys daily workouts. This Fear Factor hero saved a baby from a deep pit toilet. He says “I am inspired by church and Jean-Claude van Damme movies. I like that he always wins over the bad guys, and love his karate moves.” Let’s all root for this South African Fear Factor contestent and wish a strong stomach!
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Revision of: A Review of “The Sword of the Spirit Society” Web Site

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This is a revision of my original review to which the owner of the web site took great exception. On all reviews and articles we post we make every effort to inform and solicit all involved parties to the review or story to read it and write a comment with additions or corrections. We do this because the involved parties can often provide unique perspectives. The owner of this site did not choose to comment however has asked for the review to be removed. The owner of the site was very upset with the harsh review we gave the web site. He felt the review was “a hatchet job and somewhat slanderous” and that “anyone who reads your site and then reads mine will see that you are a liar and are just trying to impede a good work”.

Corrections and Observations…
Amid the numerous insults of the owners reply was one correction that I did in fact over look, that the benefits of paying the membership fee is outlined and includes a free seminar or if you cannot attend a video. A nice feature however there are no real details about the upcoming or past seminars to help you determine if this is a worthy cause. Another point that the owner was very upset about was the assertion that the site was obviously a for-profit venture. The reason for this belief is the lack of clarity and amusingly (given his seemingly robust conviction for forthrightness) his self-serving and misleading links on his web site. Under the heading of “Non-Member Supporters” there are 5 listings

  • JMACTIONDVD.COM Martial arts videos
  • The Living Word Home School Karate Program
  • Worldwide Business Systems,
  • web sites and business services
  • Video Services

All of these are owned and operated by the owner of “The Sword of the Spirit Society” web site. Now I see no problem with this however it is highly misleading and given the response of the owner it would seem he holds much higher standards. The only explanation that would be acceptable given the high standards he outlines in his email would be if he is not a member of the society he manages. Is this possible? This does not mean the site is ‘for-profit’ however it does question the motivation. If I were to pay for a membership or make a donation I would like to see some clarification of the assertion that donations go “to support the works of the Society” specifically “other works” and specifically what “works’ means? Does “works” include managing the web site?

Revised Review…
So given the above I have decided to revise my review of the web site slightly. Not from fear or intimidation but out of fairness. The web site layout and design is still, in my opinion not very attractive, very plain and does in fact use frames which seem very dates (to me). I still assert that the most important part of a web site is its content. Again, the content (at the moment) is very minimal (2 articles and 2 events). The articles are not dated so it is impossible to get a feel for how frequently or how soon new articles will be added. I did read one of the articles (as previously stated) and it was very well written. Let me add that it was so well written I would be interested in reading more, if I knew when they would be available. The events listings need more information like contact information or other useful details.

Despite the scathing emails from the owner I still think that the idea for the web site is good, however, I still feel the site was announced to soon. My previous statement that “If you are curious feel free to check out the site but visiting the site more then once at the present time seems pointless.” was simply meant to reenforce the fact that you can see everything in one visit and you are not given any indication of when you may see more content added. Because of this the overall review is not changed:
Site Rating: 2 Stars out of 10
I hope the owner finds the above a fair review of the web site, though I doubt it. I would ask that others read the above review, visit the site and then post a comment. It is the nature of a review to point out both positive and negative impressions of the writer, my opinions. So please form your own and write them in the comments section. But please before you write please take a second and ask WWJD.

Self-Defense and Awareness Seminar

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KarateTraining.org will be hosting a Self-Defense and Awareness Seminar today at 1:00 PM at the Mystic Congregational Church. Look for future announcements about other KarateTraining.org events here!

Universal Fight Promotion

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Two Carlsbad fighters will be battling in Saturday night’s Universal Fight Promotion mixed martial arts event tonight at the Lea County Event Center in Hobbs.
Carlsbad and Loving fighter Cori Gonzalez will try to improve on her 7-1 record by battling Marcie Richardson in a women’s heavyweight match. Richardson is a sheriff’s deputy from Amarillo, event promoter Jimmy Westfall said. Justin Estrada will try to add to a 3-0 record in a battle against a fighter from Dallas.
The 15 card event starts at 7:30 p.m. The gates open at 6 p.m. Tickets will be sold at the door and can also be ordered by calling 1-800-952-2210. Another mixed martial arts event will be held March 25 in Carlsbad, Westfall said.
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Sorority Self-Defense!

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Brining Self-Defense to some Delta Delta Delta sorority members stood in line in pairs as they practiced choke releases, cross punches and knee smashes to the rhythm of upbeat techno music as they were instructed by a black belt karate master.
About 15 women attended a women’s self-defense seminar last night at the Tri-Delta sorority, organized by an advocate of OASIS Program for Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence.
Tina Tarin, a violence-prevention specialist at OASIS and certified instructor for Rape Aggression Defense Systems, said it is crucial for women to get some sort of self defense training because one out of four college-age women are victims of rape or attempted rape, according to statistics from the book “I Never Called It Rape.”
“It’s a good opportunity for our women to be aware of our surroundings, especially on a big campus like this,” said Ashley Forsline, Tri-Delta president and a junior majoring in biology and economics. “I hope to feel more confident,” she said before the seminar.
This is a great program and I am very happy to see these types of self-defense programs brought to target groups. I was especially happy they added the statement “the women need to keep practicing so they can remember how to defend themselves whenever necessary.”. It increases awareness and spreads an important message. Just one question though…do you feel the beat!
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Avoiding Internet Scams

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The Federal Trade Commission launched site to fight cybercrime. Responding to the rising cybercrime threat, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on Tuesday, January 10, unveiled an online tool designed to help consumers avoid becoming victims of Internet scams. At the Website, consumers can take interactive quizzes designed to enlighten them about ID theft, phishing, spam and online-shopping scams. If the user selects a wrong answer, the program explains why that particular misconception about Internet security can lead to trouble. Elsewhere on the site, consumers can find detailed guidance on how to monitor their credit histories, use effective passwords and recover from identity theft. “We’re trying to make the information as accessible as possible, with tips so people can take action,” said Nat Wood, the FTC’s assistant director for consumer and business education. The education push comes as the tide of cybercrime continues to rise. Five federal agencies and 13 private organizations partnered to sponsor the OnGuard
Online Website. Information on the site is not copyrighted, and the FTC encourages companies and other organizations to download and widely disseminate the information. Website: http://www.onguardonline.gov
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Mining Accident Scams

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I am continually amazed at how low some people will sink for a buck.
FBI warns of mining accident e-mail scam. The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) is warning Internet users to be on the look out for a fraudulent e-mail soliciting money for a survivor of a mine accident in the U.S. last week. The e-mail purports to be written by a doctor at the hospital where the miner is being treated and describes the condition of the survivor and the financial assistance that is needed for a full recovery. “The FBI takes these matters seriously and is working with other law enforcement and private industry partners to identify the person(s) responsible,” the agency said in a statement on Wednesday, January 11. “Anyone who has received an e-mail of this nature is asked to contact the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center via the Website at www.ic3.gov.” The bureau also repeated its standard advice to refrain from opening or responding to unsolicited e-mails and to verify thoroughly any requests for money or personal information received via e-mail before responding.
As always remember you always need to defend yourself from evil people. Self-Defense does not stop at the computer screen, if anything you need to be even more vigilent online.
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The Martial Spirit, the Holiday Spirit!

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It has been said before here that the Martial Arts fosters community involvement, personal sacrific and selfless acts. The following story captures this truth, it is a thank you letter written by Dr. Jim Thomas of Richmod Indiana to his students…
Thank you everyone from the United States Karate System. Christmastime is a special time of year for everyone. Some less fortunate families in Wayne County area and surrounding counties had a merrier Christmas because of a project I’ve continued for many years.
This year about 70 families had hundreds of dollars each in toys (new) given to them. We were able to adopt several families within our own memberships who’ve known people who needed help during this season. We also gave lots to the Circle You and Dunn Center plus more.
Our members were encouraged, if they could, to give a little. No money, just toys new and used. Many, many thousands of dollars in toys poured in that filled our training floor — even some who just knew of our unannounced project.
I’ve done this for so long, it’s easy for me. I announce a project with hundreds of members who all took part. A noble effort by these who by years past surpassed my plans. I watched family after family bringing in toys, clothes, food — wow! Some families even the “lil” ones parted with their toys so other kids could have Santa and the elves fix up and give to kids who Santa needed to give to around the world (Richmond area). Even the teens took delight giving outdated games, pocket games, large things, etc., knowing the deal with Santa — lots of work they parted with things normally they would not.
As the presents poured in I wept! As a proud martial arts instructor with many of my own “lil” ones, I knew 10,000 plus in toys would take care of many. Miracles do happen, with leaders of groups who are willing to put a little extra help in.
To all my members, families and others who gave unselfishly — I’m proud of you! It makes me, a proud karate teacher for decades, more proud than words can describe.
“Lil” Jake, who let loose of his prized Spiderman (big stuffed toy), cried giving it away. I said, “Ouch. Keep it, Jake.” However Jake said, “No, I’ll get another. Santa won’t have to fix him because he was my friend.” Mom and dad ensured Jake got lots of Spiderman stuff — cool. He wanted Legos this year. Spiderman was OK but for kids, he said (at age 7). Sorry, Santa. Spiderman, then Legos and before you know it, it’ll be a car!

We want to thank Dr. Jim Thomas for his efforts and for sharing this letter with us. May it serve as inspiration for others to help those less fortunate not only during the Holiday season but throughout the year. For Jim Thomas and all of his students…OSU!!
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Defend Yourself, It’s O.K.!

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While the rest of the world is giving up there right to defend themselves against criminals and their government, here is the U.S.A. many are moving to expand the rights of citizens to protect themselves. Four bills pending in the Mississippi Legislature would broaden the right for people to shoot trespassers in their homes, cars or businesses. Senate Judiciary A Committee Chairman Charlie Ross, R-Brandon, who co-authored Senate Bill 2426, said the legislation will take the burden of proof off of victims of burglaries or carjackings who use deadly force. “Anytime someone threatens you or attacks you, you do not have to retreat, you can stand your ground,” Ross said. Sen. Ralph Doxey, R-Holly Springs, co-author of the bill, said the legislation also will protect people from civil lawsuits.
Three similar pieces of legislation are pending in the Mississippi House. None of the bills has made it out of committee in either chamber, but having 30 co-sponsors on Senate Bill 2426 suggests it has strong support. Sen. Hob Bryan, D-Amory, said he probably will support the bill, but said the changes are not as sweeping as the bill’s proponents advertise. “In theory, it sounds like a dramatic change in the law,” Bryan said. “In practice, I don’t think there will be much difference from what already happens in the real world.”
Critics of the legislation, which is patterned after a Florida law passed last year, say the current law is enough to protect those who use deadly force in self-defense.
Peter Hamm, a spokesman for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, said his organization supports a homeowner’s right to defend his life, but believes this bill, like its predecessor in Florida, goes too far. Hamm specifically pointed out a provision that protects someone from prosecution “in a place where the person has a right to be,” meaning any public place. He says the provision is too broad and gives “empowerment to the most aggressive people in society.” “This is a potentially dangerous solution to a nonexistent problem,” Hamm said. “There are not hordes of people in jail for acting in legitimate self-defense. Police and judges and prosecutors are very good at sorting out what’s self-defense and what’s not.”
Clay Joyner, president of the Mississippi Prosecutors Association, agrees, though he applauded legislators’ efforts to respond to constituents’ concerns about personal safety. Upon initial inspection of the Senate bill, Joyner said he worries the language is too broad and doesn’t allow the system to sort out which situations legitimately call for deadly force. “In some situations of self-defense, retreat is a more reasonable option,” Joyner said. “That kind of determination is traditionally the province of a jury.”
Rep. Bill Denny, R-Jackson, said his version of the bill, House Bill 369, came from constituents who have experienced crime in their neighborhoods and want the right to protect themselves. “These are not crazy people. They are just people who are fed up with crime,” Denny said. Tom Ballard, security chief for a neighborhood association in Denny’s district, said his street was hit with a string of burglaries last month. One neighbor fired a gun into the air to scare the men off. Ballard said his neighbors are afraid not only of criminals but also of the danger of getting in trouble for protecting themselves. Ballard conceded regrettable situations might crop up if the bill passes but said he hopes the law, if enacted, will be applied responsibly. “It would not be smart to go around breaking into cars up and down our street if someone is able to shoot you for doing that,” Ballard said. “If such a law existed, they might not have done it.” The pro-gun National Rifle Association lauded the bill’s introduction.
“Mississippi courts have consistently recognized the ‘stand your ground’ principle—both inside and outside the home—since the late 1800s,” said NRA lobbyist Chris W. Cox. “The full burden of the criminal justice system should fall on the criminal and not on the victim, and this bill would codify it into law.”
I want to applaud these efforts. Groups like the Brady Campaign amaze me they ignore the data that shows that gun control leads to higher crime and violent death rates. While laws such as these lower the crime rate and decrease violent crime, Florida stands as a glowing example of this. Yet despite this and other evidence people oppose the rights of individuals to protect themselves. These people are typically ignorant and have never been the victim of a crime or criminal type. Hopefully this trend will continue, expand and silence groups like the Brady foundation/campaign! Martial Arts save people from suffering at the hands of criminals and increase the occurrence of Justice. Guns and weapons of Martial Arts and as such are as good as the person using them. Most people in this world are law abiding citizens that simply want to live in peace and happiness, if this is true then having a gun only helps to insure this is possible.
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