Regulating the Martial Arts Coming Soon…

Sensei Post in Competition

Last year the Legislature In Hawaii gave us a state law regulating mixed martial arts. Under the present law anyone can slap down $500, fill out a few papers and put on a show. Promoters are only required to have a set of rules, an experienced referee, a doctor at ringside and provide the state’s Dept. of Commerce and Consumer Affairs with an unedited video of the matches. Sounds pretty good, there are many in the community clamouring that the law doesn’t go far enough, they want the Martial Arts Regulated the way Boxing is Regulated.
There are many reasons for this out cry; unfair practices, abuse, danger to the participants, and the list goes on. I for one think that a regulating body for Martial Arts competitions (at least sparring) would be a great thing for the sport. Currently there is no ‘independent ‘ governing body that can determine if a fight can occur and watch out for the safety of the fighters. Of course it is a great idea to have a regulatory group that would have say-so on fighters and their condition before they step into the ring. There would be universal rules, oversight of matches and inspectors tasked to enforce them. But is it possible? Unlike Boxing, there are so many various forms of Martial Arts is it possible to have one governing body? It should be possible but time will tell. Eventually as Martial Arts competition and populatity grow so will the call for a governing body and oversight. And if it doesn’t happen for those reasons it may just happen so the government can collect their share of the action!
On a side note…Should Black Belts have to register the way professional boxers do?
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