EFF: Don’t use Google Desktop

Sensei Post in Identity Theft

The nonprofit Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is urging everyone not to use the new version of Google Desktop. The high-profile privacy watchdog group (EFF) has a terse warning for business and consumer users. A new feature added to Google Desktop on Thursday, February 9, is a serious privacy and security risk because of the way a user’s data is stored on Google’s servers. The new “Share Across Computers” feature stores Web browsing history, Microsoft Office documents, PDF and text files on Google’s servers to allow a user to run remote searches from multiple computers, but, according to the EFF, this presents a lucrative target to malicious hackers. Google said users can use a “Clear my Files” button to manually remove all files from its servers or a “Don’t Search These Items” preference to remove specific files and folders from the software’s index.
Despite this claim by Google you have no way to verify that your data was removed from their server or their backups of that data. Just think for a moment about when ypu use the google search engine, have you ever noticed the “Cached” link? This is a link to the page that Google has stored on their servers despite the fact that the owner of the site has removed the site from the Internet. Now do you trust them? Remember use common sense, it is your best self-defense weapon.

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